'Fitness’ing my way through student life stress

​A game of badminton or a splash in the swimming pool is all I need to divert myself from busy assignments and deadlines.​
It all started during my first few days after moving to Sweden. First I saw an old man fighting the morning chill and jogging at 5 am. Then I saw a girl running under the peak afternoon sun, I even saw a guy jogging at 9 pm in the night. Swedes work out literally “at all times” of a day.​

I have had a couple of 10 kilometres-runs back in India and I like to indulge in some sort of physical activity. But the level of health consciousness, people have here compared to my home country; has blown my mind. Swedes are self-confessed fitness-crazed. Their fitness commitment is the sole motivation for me taking a daily 20-minute walk to school over the bus or tram; even though Sweden has one of the best public transport systems in the world.

When I was packing my bags for Sweden almost a year ago, I had stuffed my badminton racket in my luggage with some hope of playing. Fast-forward to the first few weeks into my studies, I came to know about a motion hall and swimming pool at Chalmers. This brightened my day and paved a path for me to revive myself after a hectic day at school. Now, a game of badminton is all I need to divert myself from deadlines, assignments and all the student-life stress.

Apart from mental and physical gain, playing badminton has also helped me to expand my social circle. Strangers became badminton-buddies who helped me improve my playing techniques and are now my friends. It is an ongoing learning experience and I am loving it. I had always missed swimming when I came to Sweden. Swimming and running used to make my mornings back home in India. Since summer is now coming to Sweden, I am looking forward to taking a splash in the Chalmers pool. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to learn something there too.

Another thing I have set my eyes on is climbing. We have a climbing gym at Chalmers where enthusiasts get to practice wall-climbing with harnesses and even bouldering. Since I have never tried professional climbing before, I was a little hesitant at first. But now that I know there are people there to help and guide you, I am excited to try this in the coming weeks.

I was already fitness aware back in India, but now I have started to follow it like a mantra. All thanks to the amazing fitness-oriented people I have met here. There was never a doubt in my mind about the quality of education I would get here at Chalmers but the quality of life has also surpassed my imagination.


Author: Shilpa Gupta

Page manager Published: Thu 20 Jun 2019.