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Fitness First

​"Good things come to those who sweat"
​Quite literally this is very much true. In the past twenty four years of my existence, I never felt the need to go to a gym or do any sort of physical exercise. Though I enjoy outdoor activities and trekking, I'm not the kinds who are interested in sports or strenuous workouts. Rather I prefer to read or write. Writing whether shabby or smart is something which I enjoy doing.

But then in the twenty fifth year of my life, I decided to go the healthy way and ended up joining a gym. When one talks about fitness, I think Swedes definitely top the fitness chart. The entire nation seems particular about their body and fitness Standards. Even when the temperature is in minus, I see people running or jogging on roads or in parks. Not only youngsters even the aged population doesn't lag behind when it comes to fitness. The fitness enthusiast in you will be all the more inspired seeing those handsome men and beautiful women around.  

There are lot of gyms in and around Gothenburg. Many of these are open 24*7 and offer various student deals. I have few friends here in Chalmers who make it to gym in between the lunch breaks for a quick workout session and then get back to the lectures. One feels all the more motivated seeing such people. Talking about Chalmers, as a Chalmerist we can avail 40% off on all training cards at Fysiken gym using our student union card. 

Wise men say "In a healthy body resides a healthy soul" and this is absolutely true. Many of us hit the gym just to build muscles or to get a toned body but exercising has several other benefits too. It can boost brain function, reduce stress and aid the release of endorphins.

To sum it up:
Think Positive | Eat Healthy | Exercise Daily | Stay Strong | Be Happy

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.