Female Engineers mingle evening with IKEA

Chalmers opens opportunity for its students to connect with many companies.

Have you ever wondered if it would be easy to get in touch with companies while you are at Chalmers?
That was one of my thoughts at the beginning of my journey at Chalmers, but now as I am starting my second year, I am amazed by the fact that there were many events the companies made for us, Chalmerists! Many of them created events, such as ‘mingle evening’ or ‘lunch lectures’, and even a company visit. There are so many options that you can join for free. One of my experiences is participating in a mingle event with IKEA Female Engineers which was held at Chalmers Johanneberg campus.
The event aims to find the future female engineers for IKEA Älmhult. I found this event interesting because it encourages more female engineering graduates to join the company. Moreover, my background in Architecture has taken part in my motivation in knowing further design process in IKEA. The event was held on two consecutive days during March 2018 with activities as follows. ​

Day 1 – Mingle and Case Evenings
The event was started with a fika, a coffee break with lots of socializing which opens the opportunity to meet new people and build a network. We also met the female engineers, designers, quality managers, and other IKEA employees. They shared their stories working at IKEA which were very inspiring for me as it gave me a clearer image of how the design process works in one of the biggest companies in the world.
Then, group challenge time! After we were arranged into several groups of five and given a case to solve, we were introduced to the companies’ values and important aspects to consider in the product design. We had to evaluate one of IKEA’s products. It was an exciting exercise and a fun day. I learned more about IKEA’s way of working and had a chance to meet other Chalmerists from different programs. At the end of the evening we were given some merchandises from IKEA, including toys and a ticket to IKEA museum!

Day 2 – Interview
On the following day, I had an interview with two IKEA employees before lunch. Although they looked for soon-to-be graduated students, I was feeling grateful that they still invited me for the interview. For me, this is not just about getting the job, but having interviews with companies help me know myself better, what my strengths and weaknesses, understand the company better and especially re-evaluate my motivation and goal, which will help me improve myself. 
To sum up, I would like to say that there are numerous opportunities at Chalmers to meet and build a network with companies. What you need to do is to look for the opportunities and challenge yourself. I have tried many opportunities and failed, but every opportunity is a new start, and you will never know the result unless you try!

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.