Even toilets are inclusive in Sweden

​I have never heard of how cool Swedish toilets are until I got here! To me, restrooms in Sweden send many messages.

*Disclaimer: I am not a toilet expert, so I don’t know if this applies only for toilets in Sweden or anywhere else. 

But to simplify this blog, I will call them “Swedish toilets”. All points explained in this blog can be found in Chalmers campuses.
Most toilets in Sweden are gender-neutral. To me, it sends a clear message of equality and openness. You don’t need to decide whether you are a male or a female or any gender. You can simply go to the restroom and do your business. Swedish toilets won’t judge you. Swedish toilets are nice. Be like Swedish toilets.
No jet-hand spray
Even though jet-hand spray is rarely be found in Europe, I can find a sink inside every toilet stall in Sweden! It gives me access to clean water even though you are inside the toilet stall – and based on my experience, I have never found such fantastic standards in another country.
Peaceful space
Toilets generally only have sinks outside the toilet stalls. Sweden has more! Having a toilet stall with full-on walls (not just a partition), a mirror, and a sink in every stall helps me relax a bit when I need some space alone. In addition to that, Swedish tap water is so amazing that I can drink it inside the toilet stall as well. I can also fix my hair or prepare myself inside the toilet stall without disturbing others or drawing people’s attention. I find it very helpful especially when I am nervous about something – mostly presentations.
Hand-sanitizer and paper bags for 'special' waste
You know how Sweden really cares about waste-sorting and being clean. These two things are available in each toilet at Chalmers and most public restrooms in Sweden. It is very convenient!
There is always something for the one with special need
Wherever I go in Sweden and every building at Chalmers, I always find a toilet for wheel-chair users (with some extra cool features like emergency buttons and special-designed seating), and sometimes there is a place for parents and babies to change diapers inside as well.

I think Swedish toilet standards have succeeded to pay attention to details on how to be inclusive for everyone. What do you think about it? How are the toilets in your countries?

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.