Three facts about equality at Chalmers

​Chalmers is not only famous for sustainability, but also for its equality. In fact, the ambitious university aims at becoming one of the most equal academic institution.

Equality is a core value in swedish society. The longer I study at Chalmers, the more I notice the actions taken for equality. This year, Chalmers launched Gender Initiative for Excellence (Genie) targeting at reversing the minority of female researchers. One approach is eliminating structural and cultural barrier that hinders women’s career at each department, the other is direct recruitment of top female scientists. Besides, there are many other facts you can find on the campus. 

First fact: Unisex toilet declares gender equality
It may be a shock for the visitors to use a unisex toilet at Chalmers for the first time. No matter which gender you are, disabled or not, you will go to same toilet area without any difference. In the beginning I was not used to it because it was kind of culture shock for me. No other country has unisex toilets on campus like Sweden. Later, I realized the meaning it entails and the space efficiency it creates, then I started to love it. Isn’t it a novel experience to go to toilet with your male/female friends?! 

Second fact: A variety of student committees represent nationality equality
The second thing I found interesting is that you can find any kinds of communities for different nationalities, ranging from Rang (Chalmers Indian Association) to Kina Grupp (Chalmers Chinese Association)CIF (Chalmers Islamiska Föreningen) and so on. These student associations are the best place to meet international friends as well as experience foreign cultures. If you don’t want to just interact with people from home country, then why not check CIRC (Chalmers International Reception Committee) out, a student group that hosts fantastic activities for newcomers. 

Third fact: Coexistence of prayer room and chapel symbolizes religion equality
However, the most surprise thing I found are religious facilities. Embracing diversity, you can find prayer room and chapel in the Student Union building. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about daily worship if you are muslim. Even though the chapel is transformed into study lounge, there are many churches outside campus within accessible distance. 

In my opinion, equality is a synonym of respect. Respect on the individual’s uniqueness supports equality on gender, nationality and religion. As an international student, I am glad that I study in a university that takes equality seriously.  

Page manager Published: Mon 24 Dec 2018.