Eat sustainably! Veggie at my place!

What comes to your mind when you heard of vegetarian dishes? Boring? Horrible? Plain? Hold on, ‘Veggie at my place’ is going to reverse your imagination about vegetarian dishes!

Studying at Chalmers, I notice a trend of eating sustainably on the campus. From the experience of being surrounded by vegetarian classmates to vegan lunchbox provided in Chalmers Express, Chalmers is on the track to create a vegetarian-friendly environment. I become more interested to know more about this unique trend of Sweden. Thankfully, Chalmers has lots of sustainability-related extracurricular events and groups. Some of them are also collaborative with students all over Gothenburg. Last year I discovered an amazing event for those who are interested in cooking more vegetarian dishes called “Veggie at my place”. This program is organized by the Gothenburg Students For Sustainability Alliance (GSSA) since 2016. The core idea is to have friends cooking vegetarian or vegan food at each other’s home together. You can also find out the reasons to eat more sustainable in their page!

- How was this program initiated? 
Believe it or not, this program is inspired by a movie screening called ‘Cows piracy,’ in which fact and impact of the meat industry. Combining with a pilot project of share cooking in student dormitory some years ago, the program veggie at my place is born. 
The idea is to make cooking vegetarian dishes becomes interesting and collect creative recipes. Nowadays you can also find various vegetarian recipes that have been tried out during the program. Isn’t this a cool example of sharing economy?

- Why is eating vegetarian dishes related to sustainability?
One of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is ‘climate action.’ Eating vegetarian food is part of the action to fight against carbon dioxide and methane emissions, as stock farming causes a lot of strong greenhouse gas.

- How international is this event?
Over 90% of participants are international or Erasmus students in Gothenburg, Chalmers students are of course included! Fun fact! One participant from the Netherlands is going to bring home this experience and going to organize a sister program there. It is so awesome that one event can create a positive cause for more people and more places!

- What is Gothenburg Students For Sustainability Alliance (GSSA)?
Gothenburg Students For Sustainability Alliance (GSSA) is a network made by different student organizations within sustainability at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg. Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS) is an important partner in them. 

I have joined the program in both spring and autumn sessions because I enjoy exploring creative vegetarian recipes. ‘Veggie at my place’ provides not an occasion to try out my cooking skills, but also a chance to meet friends with sustainable ideas. Building a social network and creating good feeling are also essential elements in the program. Besides, I get in touch with sustainable issues in Gothenburg by regularly receiving the knowledgeable newsletter. As a Chalmerist with sustainable consciousness, it is fun to act sustainably by simply implementing new eating habits. I really recommend it!

Author: Peiyu Wu, Moa Persson

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Feb 2019.