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Dazzling Diwali

​Diwali (Deepavali) is a festival of lights symbolizing the victory of goodness over evil! 
The lines below from an ancient Indian scripture reflect the essence of Diwali:
From untruth lead us to Truth || From darkness lead us to Light || From death lead us to Immortality

The word “Deepavali” refers to rows of diyas (clay lamps). This is one of the most popular festivals in India and is celebrated with fervor across the nation. Lamps, fireworks and bonfires illuminate every nook and corner and there is merriment in the air.

Audio Description: Diwali Performance
This was my second Diwali in Sweden and this time it was a splendid celebration. The Chalmers Indian Association "Rang" organized Diwali cultural night in Chalmers Architecture Building on November 14th. A lot of Indian and international crowd was present there to experience this wonderful Indian festival. Being a part of Rang I was one of the performer and I must mention, I did a stage performance almost after a gap of seven years.

Talking about the evening, it started with a traditional Indian recital followed by some peppy dance numbers and soulful music performances. The two hour long event was followed by some mouth watering Indian food and bollywood Dj dance party. After all any Indian evening is incomplete without  lip smacking Indian food and quintessential bollywood dance numbers. 
The main highlight of the evening was the spectacular firework display by the Chalmers Pyrot club. Believe me it feels amazing to stare at those twinkling sparkles in the enormity of the dark empty sky. They not only light up the sky but they light up the hope within and the world around.

Though nothing is comparable to festivities back home, it feels good to dip in the zing away from home. The happiness one gets is completely worth million bucks! 

Written By Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.