Did someone say free tuition?

​Applying as an EU Citizen gives me free tuition, but nothing comes absolutely free.

If somehow, you have European citizenship – perhaps by birthright or ancestry – then you could apply to Chalmers as an EU student which allows you to study without paying tuition. Great! Are all your problems solved? Just show up in Sweden with your acceptance letter and that’s it? Not necessarily. Some things are easier, but with that comes new challenges.  Ones that aren’t always covered on the official websites.  At least not that I could see.
I will say my case is unique, a British citizen (pre-Brexit) that has never lived in Britain, only ever in Canada.  I have citizenship through my parents, making me a British citizen (with a passport) but not a British resident (with health coverage).  To be able to live in Sweden, I needed to show that I had health coverage from my country of residence.  Canada was not able to cover me, and I didn’t have British health coverage.  
I had no idea what to do and struggled to find the exact information I needed because I felt that I fell into a grey area of EU citizenship. Luckily, when I posted my question in an Expats in Gothenburg Facebook group, I got a message from a South African woman who went through the same thing I did. The conclusion was that I had to pay for private health coverage. 
​I would urge you to look up all the important information as you start your moving process to Sweden as every case could be different. Best to sort out these details earlier rather than days before moving, which I may or may not have done.
Housing, which is rather important for living, is not guaranteed for EU citizens and is up to the individual to organize.  There are multiple ways to find this. For me, I went through the second-hand contracts on Boplats​.  Others went with different approaches.  Again, you don’t want to find yourself without a place on short notice because you heard there is guaranteed housing for international students. Underline this, folks! Chalmers guarantees student housing only for fee-paying students​ – which means those who are applying as a non-EU/EEA student.
Everyone has a unique story and background.  Most of the times you can find your answers quite easily. Other times it takes some research and reaching out. Use your network, and don’t be afraid to contact one of us - Chalmers International Student Ambassadors. We would be happy to share our experiences. We may not always have the exact answer you need, but can lead you in the right direction.

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Passport picture by Spencer Mason

Page manager Published: Mon 02 Dec 2019.