Page manager Published: Mon 30 May 2016.

Dairy products challenge in Sweden

Moving to a new country is always open to new challenges and surprises, even in grocery store...

Here is full of useful information and tips about studying and living in Sweden, but today I want to talk about different topic. I am warning you, it will be completely out of professional student life. 

Local markets and any other common grocery markets are always shortcut to collect quick hints about new environment. I still remember my first grocery shopping in Sweden –it was 2014. I was just planning to buy milk and cream. How hard could it be? Until seeing the dairy section… Sweden has a wide range of dairy products. I have counted at least 15 different milk and other dairy products. If you have just moved to Sweden and it will be your first shopping, yes the challenge is waiting for you at dairy section. Keep in mind this post. It will guide you. 

Kefir: The taste is like sour yoghurt and strong. Kefir is also highly popular in different countries. 

Onaka: It contains special probiotic bacteria, which is popular in Japan. The taste is quite similar with yoghurt. I have never heard Onaka before coming to Sweden.

Fil/Filmjölk: It is really popular in Sweden. It is like yoghurt, but it is quite lighter and the taste is less sour than normal yoghurt. The taste is a bit like kefir, slightly acidic taste. It is also good with muesli or cereal. Actually, my first adventure was not that nice, so if you don’t want to experience that, please don’t add it to your coffee. 

A-fil: It is the similar with fil/filmjölk. The “A-“ is coming from abbreviation of special bacteria name. 

Mjölk: Milk (3% fat), yes finally! It is usual milk that we use to make crêpe. Like other countries, Sweden has different types of milk in terms of fat content. Minimjölk (0.1%), fat free. Lättmjölk (0.5%), skim milk. Mellanmjölk (1.5%), lower fat content than normal "mjölk". 

Besides all products above, you can also find lots of different yoghurt, crema, fil and mjölk in different flavors, such as pineapple and coconut, raspberry, honey and so on. Also, "eco-friendly, ecological" products are highly preferred here in Sweden. As you can see, dairy products are excessively popular and I think it is always better to know what "filmjölk" is, unless you want to eat weird crêpe. I believe that grocery markets are one of the best way to explore new tastes and countries. Good luck with it. ^^

Written by: Seren Necla Sevim
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Page manager Published: Mon 30 May 2016.