Curling and connecting

​Read about my experience curling with an international Chalmers Alumni who found an employment in Sweden and now travels all over the world.

When I was gathering information about different universities to study abroad back in 2016, I started to look up at Chalmers University of Technology rankings. It fascinated me that Chalmers was number 40 in the world in the category of graduates’ opportunity of employment or employability.

As a design and engineering student, it has been always a big deal for me to take the best opportunity in my future career. Nowadays, due to the rising number of engineering graduates and the maturity of the industry, it is a challenge for every engineering student to achieve a global career, but if a university can help to open this opportunity, it is a big deal. After being admitted to Chalmers, evidence of employability came into reality for me, a good example for all the students is CHARM , Chalmers’ largest career fair.

Other than CHARM, I also had a networking experience with Boston Consulting Group (BCG)​ that invited me and some other Chalmerists to a series of amazing events starting with a fun session of curling at Gothenburg’s curling hall. I met five of the professional employees of BCG and had a nice dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in Gothenburg. During the curling game and the dinner, there were seventeen Chalmers students and representatives from BCG including recruiters, associates, and consultants – that are in fact, young innovators like us!

As an international student, it was an amazing experience for me as I felt very welcomed. During the event, students had a chance to ask questions about working in big and small companies and the challenges of international careers. I also get a glimpse on how life after graduation looks like, which was far different from student life.

During that night, we had a nice interaction with such professionals in their own field. For example, I got a very good impression from Frederick, a young BCG associate who came to Sweden from the Netherlands to study Automotive Engineering at Chalmers, had an internship at Volvo and is working for almost two years in BCG. In a friendly manner, Frederick told me about the pleasures and hardships of being an international consultant, travelling all over the world and finally Sweden as a place to live and work.

All in all, I think it was a really fun experience to curl and connect with professionals.

Page manager Published: Mon 18 Feb 2019.