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Corners of Chalmers: EDIT gadgets corner

How does it feels like being Chalmers student? We give you a taste of Chalmers student life by telling the stories of corners we come across in our daily lives.

Corners of EDIT building - Gadgets of the past
Being a master degree student, the most frequently visited place in the campus would undoubtedly be the building of your faculty.
Although we do have common lecture halls such as HA/HB/HC, the nature of advance study in master degree is tightly linked to the research and academic discussions with your lecturers or TA. So we've plan a series of stories and clips just to show you how it feels like to travel through the corners of different places here at Chalmers. And this mini-series is all about different corners of EDIT building. EDIT building is home to several master p​rograms, including Computer Science and Networks, Embedded Electronic System Design, and CSALL. It's unique oval-shape glass curtain can be easily identified from our campus map. Lecture rooms ES and EA through EF can be found in this building. Apart from an Asian-taste fusion restaurant, you can find many cool spots here. One of which being our topic today: the old gadgets corner.

Computers have come a long way since the invention. Despite it's rather short amount of time of existence in the scale of the entire human history, computer can be attributed as the most sophisticated instrument of our creation. We've improved and enhanced this tool so rapidly that the state-of-the-art gadgets 5 years ago seem absolutely obsolete. Nevertheless, it is important to remember how we came to acquire the gadgets of our time and the path of evolution. This corner in EDIT building serves as the best story-telling role for the future world-changing students.

Here you can find the tapes and disks used as storage medium in the past and the very first personal computers. This corner exhibits the collection of machines owned or used in our department in the past. Not only educational, corners like this give hidden surprises to students around the building.The enormous floppy disk at bottom right (8-inch / 5.25-inch / 3.5-inch respectively) can store around 1.2 to 1.44 megabyte of data. A single photo taken by iPhone4s camera (8-megapixel) would require 2 floppy disks to store.
Next time when you travel from one lecture to another, why not take a small pause at the special corners of your faculty and share the story with us. Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel​ where we will soon publish some clips of all buildings around the campus.
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Written by: Jeff ​Chen​​

Page manager Published: Fri 18 Mar 2016.