Christmas zing!!

​"It is the season to be jolly"
​It's rightly said that nothing can beat the energy and the pleasantries December gets with it and Christmas is a big part of that.
I come from a country where festivals are an integral part of life and December festivities especially Christmas has been an important part of my growing up. I did my initial schooling in a convent back in my home country India and every December one could spot me all pumped up with energy and going around fixing my white flowing dress and a tiara. For those who didn't figure out I used to be one of the fairy, singing Christmas carol in the Christmas celebrations at school. This continued until my secondary schooling started and I moved to a co-educational non convent school.

Then came the time when December became more about planning New Years Eve with friends and family. Though I continued celebrating Christmas in my own little way by setting up a small Christmas corner by decorating the Araucaria tree I had in my garden. This continued for a lot of years until I moved to a different city to pursue my Bachelors.  December suddenly lost its sheen, though the New year parties were still there but pretty often I used to have my semester end exam right on the second day of January. Absolute tragedy!

Audio Description: Student Blog - Christmas zing!! - Picture of the Nordstan, Goithenburg 
                                                                                    Nordstan, Gothenburg

Now when I am here in Sweden and in this beautiful city, Gothenburg which is fondly called the Christmas city, my December is again lit up and beams with joy.  I love to go out and spot the Christmas specialties. One can see beautiful light decorations in streets and on houses. There are cozy Christmas markets, amazing shopping deals and wonderful concerts all across the city. Also, there is the Liseberg Park which is said to be one of the biggest festive markets in entire Scandinavia. Entire city seems drenched in merriment and there is a Christmas zing in the air. It feels as if the city joins me in celebrating, what I call a fond memory of my childhood.
This Christmas I was invited for a pre-Christmas party hosted by few of my friends.  It was pure fun and few hours of crazy dancing, yelling and not to miss the amazing food. Yes, food will always be there in the Indianized versions of celebrations and parties. Not to miss there was this amazing Santa who was dressed more like a superhero. Super Santa we decided to call her! 
This celebration mode continued right till the New Years Eve and we all gathered again to welcome a bright 2016!

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Jun 2020.