Cherry blossom love

​Happiness is seeing Cherry blossoms in full bloom!
This is my second spring in Sweden but, this time I had a magical tryst with the beautiful cherry blossoms. It’s so surprising that last spring I didn’t notice the ethereal beauty of these flowers. Cherry blossom also called Sakura in Japanese are said to be native to the Himalayan region. Because they bloom briefly, in the Japanese literature they are seen as an allegory for the ephemeral beauty of living.

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The cherry blossoms usually bloom in the March end and the beginning of April in Japan. It is during this time Hanami (meaning “flower viewing”), which is a long standing Japanese tradition of welcoming spring is celebrated. With globalization I must say the joy of seeing the Cherry blossoms has been embraced by the whole world.
Believe me, you need not go to Japan to experience and appreciate the beauty of these mesmerizing flowers. Though not as popular as Japan, Sweden has a short season for these beautiful blooms. So, last weekend when I went to Stockholm for a short visit, I happened to go to Kungsträdgården (“The King’s Garden”), located right in the heart of the city. What a sight it was! A myriad of soft pink cherry blossoms. Yes, this is the place where you can see the biggest display of cherry blossoms in Stockholm. Though the place was flooded with people, it was completely worth taking a dip in the swarm of the crowd to get clicked with these pretty flowers.

In Kungsträdgården, Cherry blossoms planted in the boulevards, form a canopy over the entire park and it is definitely worth seeing. Lot of people click photos with the ​lush pink blossoms and soak up the mild spring sun, sitting in the park. Surprisingly almost every third person I saw on that particular day had an ice-cream in their hand. The cherry blossoms bloom in full glory between mid to late April and in Stockholm, Cherry Blossom Day, is organized in association with the Japanese government. Besides, Kungsträdgården one can spot these beautiful blossoms at the road sides in other parts of Stockholm city. 

Audio Description: Student Blog - Cherry blossom love - Picture of Cherry BlossomsEven in Gothenburg one can find these pretty spring blooms at different places across the city. The best display of cherry blossoms can be seen at the city’s botanical garden, Botaniska Trädgården. Here the arrival of spring is celebrated with dancing and merry making in late April and is immensely popular among the localities. So, if you’re in Gothenburg during cherry blossom season make sure you don’t give them a miss. Honestly, I can go on and on speaking about the beauty of these pretty flowers but, I would end it here and hope you get to see these Cherry blossoms in full glory next spring! 

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.