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ChalmersX-MOOCs from Chalmers

Experience your first free Chalmers course any time, any place on ChalmersX

What is ChalmersX?
ChalmersX ​is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from Chalmers University of Technology. ChalmersX carries all of the merits from MOOCs, for example, you can join the virtual classroom anytime anyplace for free. Therefore, I prefer to call it Knowledge Xpress.

Currently, ChalmersX provides 16 subjects ranging from electric vehicles, automotive engineering, energy efficient computer systems and so on. ChalmersX courses are hosted on the EdX e-learning platform. While learning and discussions with the lecturer and classmates are free of charge, certification for the course costs only a small fee. I have tried two of the online courses as complementary material for my current study and it has been very helpful and handy. Especially for some courses with prerequisites, I can self-study from ChalmersX to gain some basic knowledge to choose advanced courses in my curriculum.

As a student of the Master's programme in Design and Construction Project Management, I took a course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the department of Technology Management and Economics for my mandatory elective course in my second semester. Due to the Easter break at the beginning of my study period, our teacher took advantage of courses on ChalmersX as preliminary teaching materials. We watched a video online as preparation for upcoming lectures. In the ChalmersX course - System Design for Supply Chain Management and Logistics, there are in total four main topics which are divided into weekly videos. In every topic, there are 2 to 8 videos taught in English with English subtitle and transcript for download. The aim of watching online videos is to get familiar with the general term in logistics and background knowledge so that we are able to answer assignments given by the school. Moreover, a weekly quiz and final evaluation are regarded as model questions in the real final exam. So the answers to them are discussed and practised in the classroom lecture.

Later on, I also took an online course Master Control in Supply Chain Management and Logistics for advanced learning. Both of these courses are well structured and delivered step by step by several lecturers. I also find the speed adjustment feature is very helpful, especially to pause and take notes during the course. Talking to my friends about ChalmersX, has shown me that they also feel that it is very useful to our studies. Another advantage is the course quiz right after video, which helps us to grasp keypoints and further testing newly acquired knowledge from the lecture effectively. Armed with the practice from three assignments from school; we are expected to utilise the knowledge from online courses and classroom lectures to answer integrated case study questions. Overall, from the course evaluation, I learned that my classmates are quite satisfied with multiple, flexible teaching methods on ChalmersX. As for me, I enjoy watching Chalmers by taking advantage of my spare time, like standing in a queue or waiting for laundry. Just with my tablet or phone in hand, I can boost up my learning as much as I want.

Author: Peiyu Wu

Page manager Published: Wed 18 Jul 2018.