Chalmers Global Challenge Winners Visit Gothenburg

Thank you Chalmers for offering us a chance to explore this university and Gothenburg. 
It has been great to know the excellent ambassadors, students and professors. Thanks for planning all the activities so impressively. - Jessica Zhou [Chalmers Challenge winner from China]
Thank you Chalmers for the wonderful opportunity to visit the university, make new friends and explore the city of Gothenburg. Cheers! - Sridharan Thirumalai [Chalmers Challenge winner from India]

Chalmers Global Challenge 2016 was a platform, which motivated students globally to wear their thinking caps and develop environmentally sustainable solution for urban areas in their countries. The students were provided the opportunity to win an innovative excursion to Gothenburg, Sweden and visit Chalmers. This year we had seven winners who won this challenge and visited Gothenburg for a week. These winners were from China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Brazil and the United States of America, respectively. All the winners landed in Gothenburg by the evening of May 8th and next morning onwards they got started with the activities planned for them. To begin with they were given a small presentation about Chalmers, focusing on university’s motto of creating a sustainable society and about research and things in general. They were given insights on how university, companies, and municipality in Gothenburg works together towards a sustainable future. Afterwards, the winners were introduced to the Swedish Fika culture and by the end of their visit, almost all of them had fallen in love with it. After all Fika is much more than having coffee (wink). The activity continued with a tour of the Johanneberg campus, where they were told about the various sustainable measures taken by Chalmers and were showed the Clean room and the Combustion chamber. 

Next day, winners got the opportunity to visit the Chalmers Challenge Lab, where the cooperation between university, companies, and municipality is done, just like what was presented to them on the first day. In addition, they were given the opportunity to talk to researchers and the Master thesis students working on sustainability challenges. Later on, the winners also visited Eco marathon and The Chalmers Formula student group to get some insight on their projects. They finished their third day in Gothenburg with international dinner, where they got a chance to prepare foods from their respective countries (and perhaps brag their cooking skills) and taste a new range of foods.

Winners also had a chance to explore Gothenburg. They went to several famous places such as Liseberg (the largest amusement park in Scandinavia), Universeum (which is a public science center​ and museum), Botaniska (One of the largest botanical gardens in Europe), and the famous Swedish furniture store IKEA. On the last day of their visit, winners were given an assignment to solve a problem regarding city’s planning against fire risk. They had an enjoyable time doing the assignment. Their memorable week in Gothenburg was closed with a trip to Gothenburg’s archipelago.

The winners had us, Chalmers Student Ambassadors to accompany them during their stay in Gothenburg. We had lots of fun and some memorable time with them. The friendship between the winners and the Student Ambassadors brought sunshine to this usually cloudy city of Gothenburg. In addition, the chemistry of love probably sparks among some of them. (wink)
It’s said “Time isn’t what makes friendship last, it’s the love which keeps it going”. The past one week spent with these lovely people indeed justifies it. We've made some​ videos to capture those sweet memories. Click here ​and ​​here.

Written by : Mrinalini Raina , Daphne Hingert and Muhammed Kurnia Bijaksana

Page manager Published: Mon 22 Jun 2020.