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Chalmers Architecture Trip to Poland

Chalmers architecture student went for a study trip to Poland to learn about heritage and urban transformation.

Being an architecture student, it is common to find people who relate us with long working nights, lots of coffee, and sleepless nights. It is a different experience here at Chalmers where the works are organized so we still have time to sleep and enjoy our social life. There is one more thing which makes architecture student life at Chalmers more fun which is Field Trip! We often have field trips in every studio or sometimes in short courses, too. 

On the third week of March 2017, students who are studying in the studio called "Architectural Heritage and Urban Transformation" went for a field trip to Tri-City of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot, Poland. The three cities we visited were all rich with history in regards to World War and solidarity. We can actually feel the history in every part of the cities. Our first impression of Gdansk was the beauty of the Old City where it was destroyed during the war but rebuilt with such an amazing techniques and details to match exactly with the way it was. The church bells, the sound of the pigeons and the splashing water in the fountain added up the beauty of the atmosphere. We also visited some fortifications in Gdansk and Gdynia where we could observe the amazing view of the city from such heights. In Sopot, we learned about how an old city can be developed with such an active area for young people with various activities. It is amazing as well to see how the city can conserve and embrace the stories from the past. It was definitely fascinating to learn about history conservation in a form of urban space.

On the last day, we had a workshop with the students in Gdansk University of Technology. We had to work with them to brainstorm some ideas for the development of the Young City in Gdansk. It was a good experience to learn about urban planning and architectural design from new perspectives. Even better, we could also make new friends while we were there. They will work on a project based in Ringön, Gothenburg and some of them are interested to visit Gothenburg soon. It will be so much fun for us as Chalmerists to show around the city and the campus.

Other than the learning experience about the city's development, we also visited the solidarity centre where we learned about the history. Best of all, we had a chance to enjoy the awesome Polish culinary. Some of us tried the famous pierogi (dumplings with various fillings), halibut dish, even a wild-boar dish! Everything was so delicious. Not to mention, they also have various kinds of beers and other beverages. In conclusion, it was an amazing journey to go to the Tri-City of Poland.

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Text and photo by Alberta Maria Titis Rum Kuntari

Page manager Published: Wed 29 Mar 2017.