Page manager Published: Sat 11 Mar 2017.

Brain and Brawn

"In this world, the only thing we truly own is the body we train everyday"

​I’ve spent almost 2 years in this country. As a boy from tropical region, the weather and the daylight time variation really bugged me. A “normal” day during autumn or spring is colder than the coldest night in my can imagine how miserable my life would be. Add obligation to study 13000 kilometers from those I love, and basically I am wasted.

Or not. Thankfully I managed to do well during my study. I almost never got sick (maybe just once or twice, but not until I have to stay in bed), my academic result so far is so good. I don’t mean to brag (well, maybe a little) but despite the tough weather in Sweden, I managed to do the best in my whole career as a student. I was awarded as one of the top 20 students among more than 400 international masters students for academic performance. How could this be?

The secret hobby to go to gym! I really love to go to gym. You can say that you can find me in one of these 3 places: my apartment, Chalmers campus Johanneberg, or the gym. I would spend hours in gym no matter my mood is: happy, sad, angry, or whatever. You can find me either lifting weight, doing some martial arts, or doing cardio in any given day of the week. But what is the correlation between being a gym rat and a sucessfull academic life?

Contrary to popular beliefs, working out doesn’t make you a musclehead without intelligence. In fact, human body needs a certain amount of exercise to function well and stay healthy. Weight lifting, in fact boost your immune system (explain why I never got sick here), improve your mood (removing that “lazy” feeling when you are about to study) and the most important thing, doing medium to high intensity workouts distribute blood to your entire body, including your brain. Since blood contains a lot of oxygen, and those heavy breathing you get from exercising makes you breathe more oxygen, your brain will be saturated in oxygen...Voila! A better working brain!

I usually go to gym very early in the morning or in the evening. After finishing an hour or 2 of intense work out (could be heavy weight lifting or martial arts) I would eat and take a shower. After that, I would feel 100% energetic to study harder and longer. Of course that goes without saying you need a healthy and nutritious foods and enough rest. And did I tell you that working out also improve your sleep quality?

So what are you waiting for? exercise regularly as a complimentary activity to support your study. As a bonus, you’ll get stronger and better looking as well!

Page manager Published: Sat 11 Mar 2017.