Bowling with my peeps!

​It’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll

When I came to Sweden first time, I heard this saying “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” This actually signifies how the Swedes embrace the long dark winter with wide open arms. Those of you lucky enough to start your journey in this Viking land, remember Winter can be fun and exciting too. There are lots of indoor activities that you can do with your friends and reinforce the relationship with them. What amazed me when I came here is that each department in Chalmers gets some fund from central administration, which the program coordinator gives to students to spend for social activities. Sweet right?! During my first year I went to play indoor beach volleyball and went on a party paddan (tourist boat that takes you on an exciting ride, covering all of the city’s lake!!) with my classmates. So, for second year, before Christmas break, we decided to go have dinner together and then play bowling afterwards​.

After months of intense course work, exams and assignments, we were literally tired.  So, everyone was thrilled. Boy!! That was one night to remember. We reserved 5 bowling alleys. After having delicious dinner at the in-house restaurant, we changed our shoes and jumped right into the action. I played bowling few times in high school, so it was after a long time and I was very rusty. I was having problem with literally everything, from footwork to hooking the ball and what not! But after few rounds, I started finding the balance and the right size for my hands and managed to get few strikes as well. 

Every one of us engineering nerds was literally enjoying to their soul. Plus, it was a disco bowling. The very ambience and vibrance of the whole environment added much to the entertainment. 

After the Christmas break started, I went again. But this time with Abhilash (the cool guy everyone likes) and Jaswanth (fellow ambassador).  And the bowling night ended up after having hours of fun discussions; from rapping to Tesla’s unpublished innovations and finally me leaking spoilers of ‘Attack on Titan’ to Abhi (:P). 

There are tons of other activities and games that you can play with your friends. Also, you can join gyms, clubs or group of people who have the same hobby as you and spend quality time together and tame the Winter in process!! Good luck!

Author: Mohammad Raihan Abir

Page manager Published: Fri 11 Jan 2019.