A quick guide to Chalmers libraries

​The campus libraries at Chalmers are so much more than just a place to check out books.

There are many great places to study on campus at Chalmers, one of my favourites is the library. If you’re anything like me, it can be difficult to study at home, where there are many distractions (looking at you, Netflix). The library is a great spot to get things done. Chalmers has three libraries, two on the Johanneberg campus, the Main Library and the Architecture and Civil Engineering Library, and one on the Lindholmen campus, the Chalmers Learning Common in Kuggen. 

At the Chalmers libraries, you can get a library card for free to be able to check out books if you want. One service that I’ve used many times is the computers connected to printers. I like to do it at the Main Library because it is convenient, and students get a print quota each semester that is used to print, though you can do this in almost any building on campus. For myself, working at the library is a great choice because it stays pretty quiet, where other locations can sometimes become loud, and there are also usually many other people around working, which I find to be a very good motivator. When studying in the Main Library, I enjoy that the space is quite open and full of natural light, and you can pick where you sit based on your preferences. There are group rooms that can be booked for work, there’s a space for silent working, and the rest of the library is full of tables and desks in a generally quiet space where groups and individuals can work. I like being able to spread out my books and things at a table so that I’m able to see everything at the same time.

Fellow student ambassador Tamara sometimes studies at the Architecture and Engineering Library. She said, “It is a great place to study as it is spacious yet not too big! It is located on the ground floor of the SB building where the large wraparound windows let the sunshine through with the added bonus of being able to people watch whenever a break from the books is needed. There are group tables, comfy armchairs, and a quiet study room where individual booths have their own power outlets and desk lamps. There’s also a printing and scanning room where there’s always a library staff member close by to give you a hand if you get stuck. A café called SMAK is only a short walk away in the same building, so if hunger pangs strike then it’s good to know there are options. No eating of food is allowed in the library, however!”

If you go to Kuggen on the Lindholmen campus, it will be easy to spot, as it is a striking, colourful building. My friend Jóhanna, who is completing the Industrial Ecology program like myself, explained of the library, “you could choose from tables that were intended for groups or just for a single person, also from more cosy chairs as well”. There’s even a quiet area for focused studying, and if you get cold while working as Jóhanna did, you could borrow a blanket while you were there. Lindholmen campus is worth a visit, even if just to see the modern campus next to the water and how beautiful Kuggen is in person!

Aside from using the actual buildings, something that has been very helpful especially while the libraries have been closed due to Covid-19, is that you can find online academic journal articles. From the Chalmers libraries website, you can search for and access e-books or articles​ on any topic while away from the campus wi-fi. Doing projects and writing papers from home currently, this has been a lifesaver! If you’re looking for a quiet, study-oriented place to work, check out the campus libraries! 

Author: Amanda

Page manager Published: Thu 01 Oct 2020.