Eateries in Chalmers

​“I won’t be impressed with technology until I am able to download food”
As cliché as it might sound but this is what one of my technophobic, food lover friend once remarked.

Food is important not only for a healthy living but also for a happy living. Imagine how can one manage to write those lengthy assignments or complete those strenuous lab submissions on time without a cup of coffee or tea? Imagine how dull our life will be if the term fika is simply erased from our daily lives? And, how can one remain alert through the lengthy lectures without a sweet bun or a piece of cake?
All this build-up is completely justified because, minus the restaurants and cafés our lives at Chalmers will definitely be a little dull.

Audio Description: Food on a tableFortunately enough, Chalmers has a lot of cafes and restaurants which offer lip smacking food. Most of them even give 15% discount when student card is used for paying the bills. Each department building has its own café or restaurant where you can find students almost all the time.  In this post I will be talking about the restaurants my friends and I visit often. So, let’s start with Kårrestaurangen and Express lunch, which are the most popular names among students when it comes to affordable and delicious lunch meals. Kårrestaurangen is the biggest Student Union restaurant located in the SU building and offers discount for the SU members. Students have a lot of options such as vegetarian, meat, fish to choose from. I personally like the “Classic Fisk” (fish) meal here. Other than this there is an Express lunch service which is like a take away service. You will get really good food at a very affordable price using the student card. Long queues outside both these places are a pretty common sight during lunch hours in the SU building. Another very popular café is the Biblioteks café or the Library café. This is one place I have never seen empty. I believe students in Chalmers love to study in the solitude of library though, there are exceptions like me who prefer studying at home in the comfort of their beds. You will get salads, buns, express lunch during lunch hours and fresh sandwiches here. This is the place where one can buy fika and freshly baked cakes and cinnamon buns. After all Fika is never complete without kanelbullar or cake.

Audio Description: Cinnamon BunsSome other cafes like Linsen and Bulten located in the EDIT building and Hörsalsvägen 7 respectively are also very popular with the Masters students but my favorite is the Café Hedvalls located in the heart of the Chemistry building (Kemigatan). After all I owe my loyalty to this building being a Biotechnology student. One can get salads and amazing coffee here. The smoothies and Panini​ are especially the main highlights of this place.
To sum it up Cafes and Restaurants at Chalmers are indeed a foodie’s delight. So take some time off from your hectic schedules and enjoy some alone time with a cup of coffee in the middle of the swarm of students.

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Jun 2020.