Being Indian!

“They say you can take an Indian out of India but not India out of an Indian”

As cliché as it might sound, believe me even if you stay abroad for years, the Indian in you will always be the same.
Almost after one and half year, I can’t stop thinking, how awesome Sweden has been and how I have fallen in love with her. From loving fika breaks to eating meat balls, from talking about weather to looking forward to a bright sunny day, from using hej instead of hey to using tack instead of thank you, I have indeed swedeified a little. Despite all this, there is a part of me which is very much Indian. The joy of celebrating Diwali or the fun of playing with colors on Holi, the cravings for panipuri and jalebi, the happiness of wearing ethnic dresses and dancing on Bollywood songs stand a testimony to this.

Sweden and the people here, are pretty tolerant to different cultures and ethnicities. In this blog post I thought of sharing few moments of Indianness in Sweden, which I am sure you will get to experience once you arrive here. Be it the festival celebrations by RANG-Chalmers Indian Association or the awesome parties across Gothenburg, you will get ample opportunities to let your hair loose to the foot tapping Bollywood songs and savor​ some mouth-watering Indian food. RANG, the Chalmers Indian association will make sure you don’t miss bursting fire crackers on Diwali or playing with colors on Holi​. These myriad of events conducted by them all throughout the year will give you occasions to wear that saree or dhoti-kurta you will get from India to flaunt in Sweden. Not only this, you will also get a platform to get in touch with the Indian alumni of Chalmers and get some insights on internships and work scenario in general. So, you won’t have many chances of missing India.

Once you come here, you will find many fellow Indian students from across India and a handful of them will definitely be amazing cooks. So, you will get your share of butter chicken and sambhar-dosa miles away from India, that too for free. All you need to do is be smart enough to make friends with such people (wink). You can also try to learn cooking from tutorials on YouTube (you will become an instant hit among your International friends if you know how to prepare chicken tikka masala). All the Jalebi and Panipuri lovers like me don’t worry, you can easily find Jalebi and Panipuri mix at the Indian grocery store. So, food is not at all a problem and all you need to worry about is, those extra calories.

To sum it up, two years of your study here, will definitely be a worthy experience. You just need to maintain the right study-life balance. 
Happy Beginnings!

Written by Mrinalini Raina

Page manager Published: Wed 17 Jun 2020.