Avancez Scholarship: a Continuous opportunity at Chalmers

​Here is another scholarship opportunity at Chalmers you don’t want to miss. 

Studying abroad had been one of my dreams. While being admitted to my dream university is one priority, getting a scholarship is also important. As I have lived in Indonesia for my entire life, I know exactly that studying and living in Europe would cost me much more expensively than in my home country. But when I found that Chalmers offers scholarships for the tuition-fee paying students, I saw this as the opportunity to realize my dream, so I immediately went for it. In the end, I received Avancez scholarship from Chalmers which covers 75% of my tuition fee. It is nearly similar to IPOET scholarship received by my friend, Karen, which she has explained in her blog

The application process
​During the application, the most challenging part for me was the motivation letter. My experience of writing an English text was limited at that moment. So, I asked my friends to help me review my essay which in the end I corrected for innumerable times. It was a frustrating process for me to manage this application as I was still working for a company and sometimes, I thought about giving up. But I believed that ‘no pain, no gain’ so this hard work would be worthwhile. In the end, I felt that my motivation letter was one of my strongest points in my application as I explained clearly my knowledge, experience and my goal at Chalmers and in the future. I believe my recommendation letters were also significant because I submitted two letters from my bachelor thesis supervisor and my job supervisor who have known me well for long and recognized my performance related to the field I was applying.

A continuous opportunity to increase the scholarship
After receiving Avancez, I realized this scholarship could be increased if I could manage an excellent academic performance. So, I was trying my best to excel in my first year studies at Chalmers. This effort paid off as my scholarship was increased up to 85% in the second year. For me, it was all thanks to the good system at Chalmers where the academic environment is very supportive. I like the learning method at Chalmers as most of the courses allow strong connection with companies and interactive learning atmosphere. So, if you are looking for a good education with numerous scholarship opportunities, Chalmers is the place to go!


Page manager Published: Tue 11 Dec 2018.