Autumn in Sweden

​"Autumn is the second spring where every leaf is a flower"
​These words by the French Nobel Prize–winning author and philosopher Albert Camus are absolutely apt. 
This was my second tryst with the Swedish autumns but honestly it was for the first time that I actually witnessed or rather experienced the marvel and splendid shades of Swedish autumn in its full galore and glory. Just like fika, Swedes love to talk about weather and let me tell you if coffee gives an opportunity to socialize with people, then Swedish weather can offer to be an excellent topic for conversation.

Although all the Swedish seasons have their unique charm, the golden yellowish shades of autumn foliage are absolutely stunning and incomparable. Presently, entire Gothenburg looks drenched in the beauty of autumn. The bright shades of orange, brown and yellow are a photographer's delight. The autumn sky despite lacking the summer sheen looks brilliant. (You can follow us on instagram at @we.are.chalmers to have a glimpse at some surreal autumn sights inside our Campus and around the city).

Though the day light saving is over, darkness hasn't yet invaded the day sky completely as there is light until at least 17:00 hours. Gradually as the winters approach, darkness will slowly engulf the day sky in its enormity and at times it can become tricky to predict the time just by looking out of the window.

Honestly, if we look past the darkness, there is so much Swedish autumns have to offer. Every evening when I go for a run past the serenading trees and fording through the golden dust on the ground, there is a sense of pure pleasure.  I do miss the long summer days, flooded streets and the bright sky but then the clean and crisp autumn air feels equally blissful. So let's embrace autumn till it lasts.
Written By: Mrinali​ni Raina

Page manager Published: Wed 24 Jun 2020.