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Arriving Landvetter airport

Some latest useful information and tips making your journey to/from Goteborg smoother, getting you fully prepared for trips. Bon voyage!

Arriving Goteborg

It always makes me a bit nervous upon arriving another new place via flight, mostly due to potential complexity of airports and all signs written in a foreign language. Where should I go for my luggage and where can I make some small amount of currency exchange? Where can I get some free internet to tell my friends and family that I landed safely? How do I get the connection transport from airport to city center? In this post I will try to share my personal experience with Landvetter airport, the very first impression of Goteborg for international students.

Landvetter Airport

Being the second largest airport of Sweden, Landvetter is roughly 20 km to the east of Goteborg city. It takes around 25 to 30 minutes drive to travel from city center to Landvetter. There used to be two airports in Goteborg but only Landvetter is now being used for both domestic and international flights. Thus you will always go to Landvetter for any trips during your stay. Overall, Landvetter is a small but very modern airport.

Passport control

Depending on the destination/origin of your trip, you may or may not need to go through passport control. For instance, my recent trip to Berlin is within Schengen countries and therefore I am free from passport checking when I come back to Goteborg. As shown in the photo, gate 19B to 21D are designated for flights requiring passport control.

Luggage belts

As mentioned, Landvetter is relatively a small airport. There's little chance of losing your direction in it when it comes to finding your luggage. All luggage belts are at the ground floor as you follow the exit direction. However, please to reserve some extra time for waiting your luggage since the loading in peak hours can be quite substantial.

Currency Exchange

Since official currency of Sweden is Swedish Krona instead of common international currencies like USD or EUR, it can be difficult for you to get Swedish Krona before entering Sweden. But it is possible to make currency exchange right at Landvetter airport via Forex Bank. It's located near the exit after you get your luggage with their bright yellow signs. Beware they charge fixed amount of exchange fee (50 kr at the time of writing) to each exchange regardless to total exchange amount.

Heading toward City center

Most common way to travel between Goteborg city and Landvetter is via Flybussarna. At Landvetter airport they have automatic ticket machines looks like the one shown in the photo. Since Sweden is migrating to cashless country, all major types of credit cards are acceptable throughout all automatic platforms (unlike, for example, the Maestro cards used in the Netherlands). After purchasing your ticket, the bus is parked right outside the exit next to the machine. We often call it "the rainbow bus" due to its colour, a highly recognizable figure.

Internet connection

Another great feature of Flybussarna is that it provides free Internet connection during the ride. You can simply connect to onboard Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy nice quality of internet during your 30 minutes ride to city center. Great opportunity to check-in on Facebook or make a WhatsApp call to your family and friends.

Other tips

Landvetter airport recently started to provide free electric sockets (outlets) for travelers to charge their gadgets. Look for green tables like the one in this photo for charging your phones or laptops. To make things even better, the power you consume are all green electricity, marking your first experience with Swedish sustainability.


I hope above tips can help you dealing with arriving Goteborg or leaving for a short trip during your stay at Chalmers. Nevertheless, in case of encountering any problem during your visit, please don't hesitate to ask for help.

Written by Jeff Chen

Page manager Published: Wed 07 Dec 2016.