An interview with a Volvo Group Scholar at Chalmers

​This is a story of Aravindan, a Master’s student at Chalmers who was awarded the Volvo Group Scholarship in 2017.
Aravindan is an automotive software engineer from Pollachi, India. He has worked for two years at a company called Aptiv Automotive (Formerly Delphi Automotive) in Bengaluru, India. During his time there, he was stationed in Gothenburg, working for Volvo cars for a period of three months. That is when he came to know about Chalmers, and he visited the campus during his free time, where he found the environment to be enjoyable. He was also advised about some courses taught there by his colleagues at Volvo, and he thought about applying for a Master’s program here. 

While applying to Chalmers, he read about the Volvo Group Scholarship, which is awarded to Indian and Chinese students and he went for it!. His Swedish manager at Aptiv Automotive, Gothenburg was very helpful to provide him with a recommendation letter for the scholarship as well. This scholarship covered 100% tuition fees, which meant a lot to him. Over and above, it also provides a possibility to do a summer job and a master’s thesis, which may be followed by a job possibility at Volvo Group. The scholarship holder is provided a mentor for their time of master’s studies who generally meet them monthly to discuss the progress in their courses, updates from the news in the industry and general wellness. A fun fact is that the scholarship holders were taken to a truck manufacturing plant of Volvo Group in Tuve, Sweden where they were shown around the whole plant in a small train!

Aravindan is currently studying in the field of Computer Systems and Networks, which he finds to fit his interests of development in autonomous systems. The cool thing is that he worked in developing an autonomous system using AUTOSAR on ECUs in Volvo Group Truck Technologies during his summer job, which has now extended to a part-time job for the autumn semester of his second year. His plans for the future include to working with Volvo, trying to be a part of the self-driving mission. It doesn’t end here. 
He loves the climate and people in Sweden from the time when we lived in Göteborg in 2016. He enjoys his free time biking (cycling) around Gothenburg to places such as Askim, Säro to enjoy the forests and the western coast. No wonder he sees himself living in the Nordics in the forthcoming future. So that concludes Aravindan’s experience with Volvo Group Scholarship. Just to inform our keen readers that the application period for Master’s courses for Autumn 2019 at Chalmers is now open, be sure to check other scholarships we have at Chalmers! 

Author: Bharat Mehta

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Dec 2020.