Adlerbert scholarship: A long journey that finally paid off

​Find out Tito’s journey to be the Adlerbert-SAAB scholar at Chalmers.

Various scholarships are offered by Chalmers for the international students. Here I will share a story of my friend, Tito, a master student in Communication Engineering from Indonesia, who received the Adlerbert-SAAB scholarship at Chalmers. 

Adlerbert-SAAB scholarship 
Adlerbert is one of the scholarships offered by Chalmers for international students which exempts 100% tuition fee. In 2017, Chalmers collaborated with SAAB, the Swedish defence and security company, to combine Adlerbert with scholarship from SAAB. It was a unique scheme, as Adlerbert would cover the tuition fee while SAAB would support the living and travel cost. Moreover, during that year this collaboration was specifically for prospective Indonesian student applying to Communication Engineering at Chalmers, and this was all what Tito needed.  

A long yet worthwhile journey in pursuing the dream
Tito received the scholarship in 2017 and it was not an easy decision for him to apply for master at the beginning, “I’d worked for 8 years before applying to Chalmers and reached the moment where I wanted to focus to my dream as a researcher, which wasn’t offered by my job. Being a researcher maybe not prestigious in my home country. But after taking advice of my close friends and family, I was convinced, and I found Chalmers could help me to become a researcher. The application process was simple thanks to the easy-to-follow information on its website.”

It was a meaningful moment in Tito’s life when he found that he finally got the scholarship after failing before, “At first, I didn’t get the Adlerbert scholarship, but the IPOET which exempts 75% tuition fee instead of 100%. However, in the e-mail they said they were still considering changing the IPOET into Adlerbert scholarship for me. Few days later, I received an update I finally got the Adlerbert scholarship. I couldn’t hide my excitement knowing that, even my family thought I was going crazy!” 

Adlerbert was a pre-requisite to get the SAAB scholarship then. So, when Tito got Adlerbert, he was automatically qualified for the SAAB scholarship. Tito also shared his opinion how he stood out among other applicants in this scholarship, “Maybe it was my academic achievement, such as paper publications, teaching experience, IELTS score and working experience. Also, putting Chalmers as the first priority on university admission. I submitted only the required documents and didn’t add additional document unless it would be a value. I prefer quality over quantity. I was also consistent and specific in my application about my goal at Chalmers and in my future.” 

Author: Nurina Heratr​i

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Feb 2022.