A guide to cheap student living

​Are you worried about finances while studying at Chalmers? Here is how to get a good standard of living at a reasonable price.

At a first glance, food shopping might seem expensive when you look at the prices in supermarkets in Gothenburg, but there are often smaller local shops with groceries an everyday products, which offer much lower prices for the same quality. These places are often located at neighbourhood squares e.g. groceries and fish stores. There are a few of them at Kapellplatsen, where I buy my groceries. Just one stop from Chalmers Johanneberg campus, how convenient! Personally, I also use the helpful app Tiendeo to find discounts and cheap prices in supermarkets that are nearby to my place. 

While moving into the student housing I was a bit worried, where I will get all the things that I need. But my worries quickly disappeared! First I looked up “free shop” in my student housing, where previous tenants leave
the stuff that they don't need anymore. This way I  saved a lot of money, thanks to the fact that I took a kettle, cutlery and glasses from there, everything absolutely for free! Later on, I found another brilliant way of getting cheap stuff - second-hand stores. This is where I bought all the dishes and decorations for my student housing room for less than a quarter of the original price! Do you want to know more about second-hand shopping in Gothenburg? My colleagues wrot​​​​​​e about it!  

Another simple way of finding cheap items are on social media  (e.g. Facebook). I often find a lot of cheap (or even free) new and second-hand stuff there. And what with items that I couldn't find there? For these, I usually go to the Swedish brand store IKEA, in which I have never overpaid for any of my shopping.

For books and study literature I haven't spent even one Swedish Krona! This is because students can borrow these from three different libraries at Chalmers for free. This way I saved money on buying expensive books. What happens if the book I need is not available yet at Chalmers libraries? No problem, Chalmers Library is open for students’ suggestions about books which they can buy for their inventories. And guess what? Most of the time, Chalmers will buy the requested book for the library and then you can borrow it! In Gothenburg, people can borrow many things for free. Other than books in the city library (Stadsbiblioteket), there is another example of Fritidsbanken that lends out sports items for free or Klädoteket, where you can lease clothes. Isn’t it a brilliant way to both save money and care about the environment? 
Managing your finances as a student might seem challenging, however, as you can see it is possible to find ways to make your student living affordable and even sustainable. 

Page manager Published: Tue 08 Feb 2022.