A Turkish dinner to remember

​Studying abroad is awesome, but I still miss Turkey. This is how I got a taste of my home country in Gothenburg.

I have moved to Gothenburg to pursue my dream of having a master’s degree at Chalmers and try something different by leaving my comfort zone. It has been an amazing adventure to experience living abroad, but the hardest part about that is missing home, missing my people, my culture and my food. However, Chalmers gave me the chance to find it all at the campus. 

Every year, Chalmers organizes a very big career fair, called CHARM . This fair brings Chalmers students and a large number of companies together to network. It is a good opportunity for us, Chalmerists, to have the first contact with industry. When I was looking at the companies list on the fair’s catalogue, I saw a company named Gülermak which sounds Turkish! I was so surprised and excited about finding a Turkish company at the fair. Therefore, I immediately went to their spot and met them. We had a really nice conversation in Turkish which made me feel right at home. During our conversation accompanied by Turkish coffee (Of course!), they told me that I can draw a lottery ticket and if I pick the lucky number there is a surprise prize. It sounded quite interesting and I gave it a try. Guess what? I picked the lucky number!  As a prize, I was invited to a Turkish dinner with them. Gülermak hosted the dinner to strengthen its network with students and introduce their culture as a Turkish company in Sweden.  In the end, I found myself thinking: “What are the odds?! I am away from home to study at Chalmers and still I find a Turkish company here to network with.”

After a couple of weeks, we had dinner at a Turkish restaurant, called Lilla İstanbul . Considering that I am from İstanbul, it was such an enjoyment to be there. We were ten students from Turkey, Sweden, India and Spain together with five employees from the company. The conversations we had, the jokes we made and the memories we shared felt like if I was back home in Turkey. We also introduced our culture and food to the non-Turkish students; it felt homey but so international at the same time. Speaking of food, it felt like a paradise that I was eating lahmacun, drinking ayran and in the end having my favourite dessert künefe. (Turkish friends understand me here, how lucky I was!).

Moreover, the company informed us about their business and the current job opportunities they have. It seems like there are great opportunities for us international students. In the end, I left the dinner with connections with a Turkish company, new friends from different countries, and my stomach full of Turkish food. I just loved it. 

Author: Merve Mutlu

Page manager Published: Tue 23 Apr 2019.