A Day in the Life: Sunny

​I take you with me on my day as a Interaction Design Masters Student. From morning sunrise walks to a spontaneous shopping session in the evening, I talk about the things I do in a day as a student studying at Chalmers as well as navigating Gothenburg, Sweden.
view of the Lindholmen campusview from the window

7:45 Morning Sun
I try to catch the sunrise (most days and based on weather) right outside my apartment. 

I live at Lindholmen, overlooking the river on top of a hill so there are lots of unobstructed views of the city so when the sun shines in the morning, the color of the buildings across the water really pop. 

One of the best views I have seen here in the city in close proximity to my apartment.

a mug of tea
8:15 Getting the Tea
After a short walk, I make fresh tea and listen to NPR (national public radio) news for updates back home and also global news briefings. It takes around 30 minutes per session, so it is an easy way to stay updated on some of the more important issues. 

I try to make breakfast around this time while the news are running in the background as well. This is usually based on how I am feeling since granola cereal is also a good quick alternative. I quickly freshen up to get my day started – pack my chargers, pick out clothes for the day, and pack lunch if I have prepped it the night before. I didn’t last night :P

9:15 School Stuff 
Electronics Lab starts a bit later this semester. My classes usually start at 9:15 but I am lucky this study period with lab starting at 10:15 for some dates. Today is one of them :) 

I am currently taking a mechatronics class with my teammates called Tangible Interaction where we get to work with Arduino controller boards, actuators, and basic electronics like load sensors, etc. It is a great way to prototype creative ideas in Interaction Design, what I am currently studying at Chalmers. 
It is a daylong lab so we have deliverables that are scheduled with approximated time slots for each deliverable. We had four for today!

lunch box with vegan food
12:00 Lunch a.k.a my sustenance
Lunch with a view near Lindholmen after I pick up a very affordable 50 SEK (about 5 euros) vegan lunch from an express café on campus right next to the Kuggen Library building where my lab is. I usually eat with friends and classmates. 

This is probably my favorite part of the day since I love getting to know people and as an international student, I am always surrounded by new people. Especially when there are new classes every study period.

view of the campus from the river bank

12:30 More Sun!
Getting a healthy dose of vitamin D is very helpful I have realized. Besides, who does not enjoy some good sun in the winter? 

Since the lunch break is usually quite a lot of time for a faster eater, I take a quick stroll around the Lindholmen campus after lunch. It was a bit windy but it is completely worth it since the sun sets so early now (around 15:30). It is also a great ice breaker getting to know my Swedish classmates and their various backgrounds.

view of the city center from the river bank

15:15 Done with School Stuff
Lab sometimes ends early if my teammates and I finish the deliverables faster than expected. Today was one of those super-efficient days so we left early. I went to get some Asian groceries from Saigon House near Nordstan, a bustling stop in the Göteborg city centre. 

I take the bus to get to the other side of the water and wanted to walk more to get to the grocery store to keep my step count high. On the way, I had to cross the river to get to the huge shopping center that has everything. I love water and bridges so this was an easy win-win for me. I also needed another duvet cover so decided to purchase one. I have been putting it off for too long and I was too lazy to go to Ikea since it is a lot longer of a commute compared to the city centre. H&M Home and many others are located here in case you need something at reasonable prices. I bought a great pair of jeans here a few weeks ago as well.

dinner bowl full of ramen17:15 Winding Down
Made some spicy ramen for dinner with bok choy, carrots, eggs, and mushrooms. I love to cook so I try to make food and “zone out” whenever possible. 

It helps me slow down and wind down from the high energy days especially after electronics labs or other schoolwork with deadlines. My dish took about 35 minutes to make, and I find it comforting during the Swedish winters.

21:00 Catching up with an Old Friend(s) 
I called a friend from back home and late-night calls are best times due to the time difference of 6 hours.

I usually try to get at least an hour of conversation with anyone I call back in the US to really catch up on our lives and to not rush the conversation.

22:00 End of day 
I shower and listen to an audiobook after in bed. Apparently, I am incapable of not drifting off to sleep when reading an actual book so I chose to listen instead. Currently listening to a book on time management and how it is never enough to have “more time” to get everything done from a checklist. It has been a good point of reflection and relief to be able to destress and not think about my never-ending to do lists. It is a work in progress.

Sometimes, I journal when I feel the urge to get something out. Especially when I feel it is worth putting down on paper. I have been journaling a lot about my experiences in Sweden and travel in EU, for example. I love writing and practicing my penmanship, so the act of journaling helps me greatly in many ways. 

I have been trying to sleep before midnight whenever possible. Especially this new year to beat my average of 6.5 hours per night the past year (2021). The goal is 7 hours minimum this year so off to bed I go!

Until next time :)

student ambassador sunny

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