A Day in the Life of Naïna

​From morning till dawn, we all have our routines and work to do, but what does it look like for a master’s student studying Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability at Chalmers? Come with me in my daily routine!
​​Lunch with friends, enjoying the sun

Morning view from Naina's window
06:00 Waking up with the flow
I’m an early bird! So, I usually wake up at 6:00 in the morning to start the day with some time to myself and on a positive note. Before anything else, I like to do a 30-minute yoga session that just wakes up my whole body and prepares it for the day, releasing all the aches and pain I accumulated during the night since I am not 20 anymore! It has really become a routine I do every morning with some meditation. People often ask me how I do this, but honestly, the benefits are so good after only a 10-minute session that I just can’t miss a day.

Home workout kit
07:00 Workout
I prefer working out in the morning as it is the time of the day where I have the most energy and it also allows me more time in the evening for other activities. 
I like to do home workout with my dumbbells and my mat where I can easily follow Caroline Girvan, a trainer, who already created a program of 10 weeks targeting every muscles. Since I started the program, I only missed 3 classes because of Covid, but I am back on track, and I can really see the changes which is really motivating! Even in an 18 sqm apartment, it is possible to do home workout that is efficient and rewarding.

Morning walk to the university09:00 Going to Chalmers
I live at a 10 minutes’ walk from Chalmers Johanneberg campus, and I love to walk in the morning to get some fresh air and clear my mind. It’s what I call my “peaceful walk’. I like to listen to a Swedish podcast called “Coffee Break Swedish” that already has 37 episodes and some more content on their website if you prefer to see the words. We learn how the Swedish language works through a student Mark who talks with Hanna a native speaker. We also learn some cultural aspect of the Swedish culture that can be useful when already living in the country. It’s easy to follow and it’s a great way to immerse myself in the culture since my Swedish classes are finished. 

Lunch with friend12:00 Lunch Time
Since a month ago, I started to do meal prep with a friend on Sundays. It’s a great way to learn new recipes and have fun while cooking with company. It provides me all the lunches for the week that I can easily bring to school and heat up in one of the multiple microwaves. It’s homemade and it ends up being a very delicious cheap meal. The lunch time is an hour and a half which gives us plenty of time to eat, have a tea, and relax before starting back the work. During lunch time, I always get to meet multiple persons as people come and go with new friends, the social life is really active at Chalmers!

13:15 Back to work
Time to go back to work. Depending on the days, we either have lectures or individual worktime to work on our project. This semester, I chose a studio named Social-Ecological Urbanism which is a subject I never tackled before, and I saw this as a great opportunity to learn something new and discover more about urbanism which is a very wide subject. We are working on a masterplan (plan of the city on a large scale comprising the whole city) of Gothenburg and I think it’s also very interesting for an international student like me to get to know the city so well by analyzing its components. This is the first step of our project, after that we will each work individually on a specific area. To complement the studio, throughout the semester we have lectures from professors across the country and we had an intensive 3-days of formation on QGIS to help use this new software for most of us. Architecture is a wide field and I believe it’s important during our studies to try different areas of architecture, it’s the time to try and do errors!

17:00 It’s a wrap 
After a nice day of work, I can finally call this a wrap and go home or go to the city. The shops here close quite late on the weekdays, as late as eight in the evening so it gives me plenty of time to do errands that I haven’t had the time to do on the weekend.
Climbing as a fun evening activity19:00 Climbing
Finally finishing my day with my favorite activity, climbing!! I used to climb at Klatterlabbet, the facility at Chalmers which is very convenient because it’s so close, but recently I changed to Backa boulder which offers only bouldering and no ropes. 

The good thing about Gothenburg, is that there are so many climbing gyms across the city. In fact, I rarely go to the same, I like to change it up and explore different routes and try new centers. 

23:00 Time to say goodbye
With all the activities I plan during the week, I barely have the time to sit down and relax. 
Candles burning in a dark room
That’s the reason why I like to open a book before going to bed, these days I am reading a book in French “Tout est Ori”. The story takes place in a specific region in Canada, Quebec and it makes me remember what it’s like back home. It has the expressions of where I come from, and it makes me feel at home for a few pages. 

I would say I’m as busy as I was back in Canada, but the main difference is that I finally choose my activities and I enjoy life. I used to work a lot in Canada, but it was always focused on the schoolwork. Sweden has a very good balance between work life and personal time which is one of the great advantages I got by studying at Chalmers. It finally taught me how to have a balance life where school is not the only thing on my mind all the time. 

Picture of student ambassador, Naïna


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