A Commentary on Food

Looking for a quick recommendation on where to eat at Chalmers? Look no further!
While filming for a short video on the variety and options of food* at Chalmers ​(the video of which is on Youtube) I realized it would be nice to have a handy list for students as well. Including updated prices! 

*This is a disclaimer – I haven’t been to all the restaurants and Café’s myself, so this is just a recommendation from the ones I do frequent. Also, all prices given are only if you pay through a Chalmers student card. 

And so, we begin: 

The cheapest option at Chalmers goes first. They provide a veg/non-veg dish, a salad to go with your choice and some bread. Don’t worry it fills you up quite good. Only con is that it’s a hit or miss on some days. You could get jasmine rice with sweet chicken on one day, and eggplant on the next. (I dislike eggplant quite strongly.) 
                                  Price: 45kr 
                                                                                                                                            Location: M Building 

Well, this one’s cheating a little bit. They offer a wide selection of food, what with it being a restaurant and all. However, they offer a really nice place to sit and eat at. Offerings include Express (but only the non-vegetarian option), A fish option, A classic meat option, and a vegan option. Bonus: You get coffee/tea with each order along with a soft drink of your choice. 
                                Price: 55-65kr 
                                                                                                                                          Location: Student Union Building 

They only sell a vegan option (sorry to all the meat lovers out there). But it is consistently good food. A little low on the quantity in my opinion though. 

                                     Price: 55kr 
                                                                                                                                            Location: Civil/Architecture Building 

Really nice variety of food, with a good place to sit and enjoy your food too. Portions are also large, so you won’t go hungry. 
                                        Price: 65kr 
                                                                                                                                                          Location: EDIT Building 

A special mention goes to - Café Bulten. You can get a soup of the day over there. I’ve personally never had it, but I hear it’s good if you’re looking for something light. In addition, I just love their ambiance. 

Photos: Chalmers Konferens och Restauranger

Page manager Published: Sat 22 Dec 2018.