7 tips to beat the loneliness when studying abroad

​Feeling homesick is totally normal when moving to a new city, but here are 7 tips to make you feel more at home while being away.
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1. Create new routines: By creating a new routine, you can slowly get into this new life and experience it fully like a local. Whether it is by having your coffee at your favourite coffee shop every morning, setting a new bedtime, or even studying Swedish every day at the same hour. For example, I started to do meal preparation every Sunday with a friend which set my meals for the week and gets me to discover new recipes. 

friends gathered around a table2. Make new friends: Loneliness will increase your chances of feeling homesick. Chalmers is a great university with a lot of student life, you will get a sense of that during your first days, so it is a great start to get new friends! You have a chance as a student to be in contact with a variety of cultures and ethnicity, make the most out of it! Be curious and open-minded and go on activities organized by the school where you can meet a ton of new people. Look at the activities from CIRC, your department or some evening activities from Chalmers like dance lessons. 

3. Keep in touch with your old friends: Chatting ith or calling up old friends and family will be comforting as the familiarity of these relationships will put you in a comfortable situation. You should give news to them on a regular basis as they want to know how you are doing and what you are up to in this new life. Social media is a great way to do this by posting Instagram stories for example to showcase the new culture and feel connected with them.

climbing wall at Chalmers climbing gym4. Stop comparing your new place to home: Chalmers and Gothenburg will never be the same as your school back where you are from neither the city. Each city has its history, culture, and limitations. You might tend to only see the positive aspects of your hometown and only the negative here, but Chalmers offers tons of facilities, services, and ways to get you busy and offer you the best of a student life. 

5. Don’t forget your hobbies: Even with a new routine, keeping your past hobbies will help you settle more. Whether it is a book in your native language or a sport you used to practice back home, this can help you feel more at ease in a comfortable environment. For example, climbing is a big thing here, and with a climbing gym right on the campus, it is easily accessible and you can meet a ton of new people.

Picture of food6. Step out of your comfort zone: Being in a new city is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, but there are ways of doing it that can feel safer. If you are into sports, paddle is a great activity that I did not know even existed before and it can be a great opportunity to try! If you are into languages, there are Språkcafét in the city where you can practice new languages and meet new people.

7. Set new goals: New city, new life! It is nice to wake up every morning and work toward tangible goals that you can achieve in this new place. It could be either academic or personal, it doesn’t matter! The trick is to keep your mind occupied and give a new meaning to what you are doing. 

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Page manager Published: Mon 10 Oct 2022.