5 things I have learned at Chalmers, part 2

During my first year at Chalmers, I have learned a lot of things both culturally and academically. However, now I'm going to mention the five things that have made the greatest impact on me.

Being a part of a team of student ambassadors at Chalmers and singing karaoke together. 

1. The importance of our opinions
In Mexico, I was used to that the professor sets the rules and that there is no dialogue, so the students are not taken into account regarding the professor's teaching method. However, here in Chalmers, professors and students work together to find the best way to teach the course. At the end of each study period, professors ask their students for feedback on the course and the students can suggest changes at any time during the study period to improve the course. Most of the time there is no change to be made, but they are always happy to find something to be improved. Thus, I learned that here I can always give my opinion.

2. A more focused way of working
When you work here you have to focus on your tasks and distractions are for later. I was used to having a comfortable workday and continue working on my assignments at night. However, in that way you never stop working, so you won't be able to pay attention or perform well in class. Now, I work hard during the day and rest completely during the night. The idea is that there should be a specific time for everything, so you learn to find the perfect balance between work and leisure.

3. Living with people from different cultures
Here in Chalmers, there is a great diversity of cultures and different ways of thinking, which helps to increase your own knowledge. However, just as there are many differences between cultures, I can't stop being surprised by all the similarities I can find with my own culture, despite the distance between our countries. 

4. Having an organized agenda
Before studying at Chalmers, I did my homework without a structure or a plan. However, Swedes are very organized with their work, so it is better that you have an agenda when they ask you if you are available to work in a couple of weeks. Schedule your activities will help you to work with your classmates because you have to take into consideration that they will be only available from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, Monday to Friday, no weekends, because here the free time is very important, so they will never work overtime. In the beginning, it was complicated to create an agenda for each of my activities, but here you can download the schedule of your lectures on your phone, which helps you a lot. 

5. Doing things “the Swedish way”
Swedes like to do everything in the best way possible and try to improve more and more. The big difference from other countries is that here they consider the best way for you to do it, not only what is best for the work. They always try to be fair with the workload, so that it is not so stressful and you can perform very well in what you do, which has a great impact on the quality of your work. It amazes me how they take into consideration the time of others, even when you didn't consider yours and they encourage you to get involved in this way of thinking. I think that is why Sweden is an example to follow for many other countries. 

Author: Dante ​

Page manager Published: Mon 03 Feb 2020.