Our campus areas

Chalmers has two large campuses in Gothenburg. Both campus areas are near the centre of the city and there are good bus links between them. Whether you study at Campus Lindholmen or at Campus Johanneberg you have access to all of Chalmers as regards continued study, student life and union activities. Each campus has a science park nearby where numerous companies have establish their activities, bridging education and industry.

Campus Johanneberg 

The oldest and largest campus is located in the city district of Johanneberg. This is where some of the teaching and a great deal of the research are conducted. Those of you who are studying to become architects or engineers will take most of your courses at Campus Johanneberg . The campus is also home to the Student Union building.

Campus  Lindholmen 

Campus Lindholmen is located to the north of the Göta river, on Norra Älvstranden, in one of the most modern and most rapidly expanding city districts. The area is swarming with innovative companies within mobile communications, intelligent transport and the modern media industry. You will study most of you courses here if you are admitted to any of these Master's programmes:

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