Student Union

To thrive at Chalmers

Chalmers Studentkår (Chalmers Student Union) is an organisation run by students. All who studies at Chalmers are members of the Chalmers Student Union and have the opportunity to influence what the Chalmers Student Union is working with.

Chalmers Student Union works hard for all members to thrive during their whole time at Chalmers by working on issues related to education and labour market, and also by offering a wide range of committees, associations, and organisations which go side-by-side with the studies.  Through Chalmers Student Union, students have the chance to raise questions about education or social environment. The Student Union management, which consists of nine (full-time remunerated, awarded) students, are available to support, advise and help you.

What do you do when the studies are over for the day?

Within Chalmers Student Union, there are over 170 associations and committees, so there is always something for everyone. From balloon flying, robot constructions, to theatrical plays, we have it all. Chalmers Student Union is a non-profit organization and would not be anything but its committed members. At Chalmers, more than half of the total number of students are active on their department sections or inside Chalmers Student Union during their studies. There are many ways to get involved. For example, students can take part and arrange big events at Chalmers such as Cortègen, CHARM (Chalmers Career Days) or the biggest university party FestU. We also offer Gothenburg’s largest training facility at Fysiken for all Chalmers Student Union members. Fysiken has many different forms of group training and two of Sweden’s most modern and most well-equipped gym.​


Page manager Published: Wed 16 Sep 2020.