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Tracks – elective courses and innovative learning environments

Tracks gives students more freedom of choice and a greater opportunity to choose courses according to their own interests. Throughout this initiative, tracks are created between the existing programmes at Chalmers. 

Tracks is a unique investment in learning and learning environments that equips the university and its students for the needs and challenges of tomorrow. Tracks is an initiative from the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation – one of the largest investments in the field of education in the University's 190-year history.

Professional skills 

Tracks courses gather students from different educational areas. The courses develop the students professional skills, which for example can be the ability to work in teams together with people with different competences, managing aspects of ethics, communication and entrepreneurship. Each course also offers deep knowledge within its specific subject.

Modern learning environment

A learning environment that is focusing on future needs and flexible solutions is currently being developed on the Johanneberg campus. Tracks Learning Environment will, among other things, offer students modern equipment and new ways of working together. It will contain simulation rooms, computer rooms, workshops adapted for different types of material use, rapid prototyping with 3D ​printer, studio for film and virtual reality, physiology lab, textile studio and more. Inauguration is expected to take place in 2021.

Tracks courses

Tracks courses are a part of the regular educational offer, but they do not belong to a specific programme or department. The courses are optional, open to Chalmers students from all programmes during year 2-5, and for Chalmers alumni.

You can participate in Tracks courses either at basic or the advanced level depending on where you are in your studies. The courses are CSN-eligible.

Track courses can be 3, 7.5 or 15 credits. However, most courses are given over a longer period, for example during a semester (half-time) or longer. Tracks courses aren​´t tied to any particular study period, they can start up and end at different times during the academic year.

At Chalmers Student Portal you can read more about which courses that are currently available, what they are about, general admission requirements and more. There you can also find contact information for questions, information about upcoming courses and when it is the deadline for the application.

Terms for each course is defined by the responsible examiner. If you’re not qualified for the course, you can sometimes supplement with the prerequisites before or during the course in agreement with the examiner.

Thematic areas

Tracks courses lies "between" the programmes, under carefully selected thematic areas.
The themes are evaluated and updated every year by Tracks steering group. Established themes can be re-elected if necessary. During the academic year 2020/2021 there are five themes within Tracks: 
  • Emerging Technologies – from science to innovations
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Sustainable Production
  • Sustainable transport
  • Health and Sports technology

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