Student services

Student Centre
Chalmers has two Student Centres, one at Campus Johanneberg and one at Campus Lindholmen. At the front desk you can get answers to many of your questions as well as help with certificates and filling out forms. We can help you with information about how to register for courses or sign up for exams and provide contact details to Chalmers’ different support functions.

Chalmers Library

The Chalmers Library is present on both campuses, Johanneberg and Lindholmen, and it provides various services for students:
  • Access to a wide range of resources in both printed and electronic form
  • Conversation groups for practicing Swedish
  • Writing support
  • Math tutoring
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Training in information handling skills for both undergraduate and doctoral students
  • Access to a structured network of computer services
  • Access to group study rooms, silent reading rooms, seminar rooms, café and lunchroom.

More about services and facilities on the Library's website

Careers Service

Chalmers Careers Service helps students prepare their journey to working life. Along with seminars and workshops, you can receive career advice and other useful information related to job hunting. Advertisements about job opportunities and Master’s thesis projects are also available. Chalmers Careers Service cooperate with many employers, consultants, alumni and other universities etc.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center helps students with the treatment of health problems originating in or aggravated by the study situation. It is a complement to the public health care system for students and it provides individual counselling, physiotherapy, general and psychiatric help. Booking an appointment is free of charge and English-speaking counselors are available.
Swedish health care system (

Support for students with special needs

Chalmers offers support for students with special needs, i.e. physical, psychological, neuropsychiatric or dyslexia. The support is planned individually together with the coordinator for students with special needs and includes services such as extended time at written exams, support with note taking, alternative examination forms, recorded literature, mentorship, special software programs etc.
Coordinator for students with special needs:, phone: +46 (0)31-772 18 30.

Study support

Chalmers offers various kinds of study support for students, regardless of the programme followed. You can get help with math, Swedish language, English grammar, writing a report/ thesis, preparing an oral presentation and more.

IT services

All students at Chalmers have access to wireless internet everywhere on campus. We offer both infrastructure and software so that students should be able to use their own laptops. For students who do not own a computer we offer access to more than 1000 computers on our two campuses.
During the first week at Chalmers all new students will receive a unique user identity (Chalmers ID) that provides access to the Chalmers IT resources. Chalmers supplies students with some software to be used in their studies. This software can be found on the computers in the computer labs but many of the programs can also be installed on students’ own computers.

Published: Thu 17 Sep 2020.