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Sports and studies

​At Chalmers, we encourage our students to stay active and healthy. There are several different alternatives available, so you will surely find something that suits your goals and interests. 

Sports for everyone​

Sports at Chalmers bicycleYou do not have to be a top-level athlete to practice sports at Chalmers. In fact, we have a lot of sport societies with different level requirements. Most of the societies are even open for complete beginners! If you just want to stay active and get those work-outs done, there are several facilities you can use as a student; why not try our climbing wall or book a gym hall with your friends and play a sport of your own choosing? 

The gym "Fysiken"

In Gothenburg, we also have a gym called “Fysiken” and the best thing about it is that it is owned by student unions. This means that the money they earn go back into the gym to make it the best gym possible for students. They also have great student discounts so you can make sure you can move your body even though you might be on a rather tight budget. Fysiken offers everything from classes in yoga, crossfit and bodypump (to name a few) to a fully equipped gym and massage. ​

Fysiken website

Elite sports

Sport technology swimmerYou can actually pursue both a sports career and an education at Chalmers University of Technology. If you are an elite athlete and would like to study at Chalmers at the same time, we can offer you extra support with individually tailored studies. You can, for example, study part-time, write your exams elsewhere and get medical or dietary support.

The Swedish Sports Confederation has developed the opportunity for universities in Sweden to become a National sports university which Chalmers has been a part of since 2015. Today we have almost 100 students that combine their sports career with their studies at our university. Some examples of sports represented among the Swedish elite sport students are orienteering, athletics and sailing.

This concept also allows universities to develop their research together with the sports federations which, in turn, means many exciting projects for interested students. National sports students can also do their master’s thesis within sports technology to develop ideas that will benefit their sport.

As an international student you can apply for joining the National sports university at Chalmers, if you fulfil the following:

  • Be admitted to a master’s programme at Chalmers (you apply in the ordinary application round).
  • You must be a part of the national team in your country.
  • If you play any kind of ball sports, you must play in the highest league in your country.

If you fulfil the criteria above and want to become a national sports student at Chalmers, contact Johan Bankel (contact details below) to make an application. You can also contact him if you have any questions about the National sports university concept.

 Johan Bankel, +46(0)31-772 1174​

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