Master's Programmes Videos

Welcome to the Master's programmes videos page. With these videos we showcase 9 of the 41 Master's programmes that are offered at Chalmers University of Technology. The 9 programmes are as follows:

Biomedical Engineering
Computer Systems and Networks
Entrepreneurship and Business Design
Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering
Materials Engineering
Physics and Astronomy
Sustainable Energy Systems
Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering

The Master’s Programmes at Chalmers are strongly linked to advanced research in areas of particular strength. The programmes are taught in English and open to applicants from around the world. The duration is two years and upon completion of studies, candidates will be granted a Master’s degree, MSc. At Chalmers University of Technology we have approximately 1,000 Master’s students that come from countries other than Sweden. With teachers and students from various cultural backgrounds, the whole experience is designed to broaden your horizons and provide access to a greater network.

List of Master's Programmes offered at Chalmers University of Technology

Published: Fri 05 Feb 2016.