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Chalmers alumna Berglind
Berglind Ragnarsdottir studied Management and economics of innovation at Chalmers and works as a project manager at Controlant.

"Finishing a master’s a degree is a course in project management itself."

Education: Management and economics of innovation, MSc
Job: Project Manager at Controlant

One of the best things, as a foreign student, is that you go abroad with a completely empty schedule, and you sort of get to design your new life.

What have you used in your work that you learned at Chalmers?

Working on a project from start to finish. That’s what a master’s degree is; you got a set period of time to finish. So, finishing a master’s a degree is a course in project management itself. It teaches you how you should work to get things done and where to find the information you need. You gain the knowledge you need from the studies but that’s just the foundation. It’s learning by doing that is the most important part.


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Management and economics of innovation, MSc

In the modern economy, knowledge has a unique value of its own. Especially in technology, it underpins critical aspects of industrial innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth. Through a combination of advanced business management and engineering-related economics, this master’s programme will train you to analyse, understand and skilfully manage innovation processes in companies and other areas of society. At the intersection between technology, management and economics, the education will train you to skillfully analyse and manage the processes of innovation and renewal, focussing on how and why companies innovate, and the best way to transform innovation investment into real financial and social gains.