Innovation and R&D Management

Our goal is to be an environment for knowledge creation that creates attention in the international academic community as well as among decision-makers in companies and organisations. Our research and educational activities are directed towards our students and the organisations we are cooperating with in our research.

The division’s research is mainly focused on organizing and management of Innovation and R&D (Research & Development) activities. Within these frameworks we work in different ways, and with several different types of research problems:

  • We focus on products and services, as well as processes and business models
  • We are interested in strategic, tactical and operational issues
  • We focus research questions with high relevance for both management and policy
  • We work at different levels of analysis, for example industry, sector, system, company, team and individual
  • We apply both qualitative and quantitative methods

We offer relevant and research-related courses at bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level, and we educate students in several different programmes, both in the department’s bachelor's, engineering and master's programs, and provide courses that address the whole of Chalmers. We are also involved in Chalmers continuing education.

Our courses at master’s level can be found in, for example, the programmes Management and Economics of Innovation; Quality and Operations Management and Product Development. We also provide courses on a number of different bachelor's programs.

The courses we provide focus on design, innovation, product development, project management, industrial economics and business development. The division is also active in a number of doctoral courses.

Research projects and publications

On Chalmers Research you will find the division's projects and publications.