Education at Technology Management and Economics

The department offers education on many different levels. We are involved in a number of bachelor’s and master's programmes. You can also apply for doctoral studies which offers a broad range of courses. For working professionals, we also offer continuing education.

Undergraduate education

International master's programmes

The department accounts for most of the content of five international master programs.

In addition, we provide courses in several other master's programmes at Chalmers, for example in Production engineering and in the Product development programme.

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The programmes:

Management and economics of innovation, MSc

In the modern economy, knowledge has a unique value of its own. Especially in technology, it underpins critical aspects...

Entrepreneurship and business design, MSc

Enter an environment where you’ll receive a true taste of entrepreneurship. You will find yourself actively working with...

Quality and operations management, MSc

For companies aiming to stay competitive in today’s global markets, constant evolution and improvement of operations and...

Supply chain management, MSc

The need to organise and manage the global exchange of goods, services and information between companies and organisatio...

Industrial ecology, MSc

Climate change and environmental impacts resulting from land use, materials, chemicals, and energy are immensely complex...

Bachelor's programmes

In addition, we also offer bachelor's programmes. The language of education is Swedish.

Industriell ekonomi

Ekonomi och produktionsteknik

Doctoral studies

The Department's doctoral studies is a unique education in which the doctoral students take on issues relevant to academia as well as industry. We put emphasis on good theoretical and methodological skills. Research education has an interdisciplinary form and includes economic, organizational and social aspects of technology and use of technology. Social science, natural science, technical and mathematical knowledge areas are all covered in the scientific base.

Within the department's doctoral studies, the graduate school of Technology Management and Economics includes studies in different areas, such as the role of technology for social development, industrial renewal based on technological innovations as well as management and organization of technology-based business and business sector activities. The department also have a focus on Environmental Systems Analysis with a graduate school in Energy and Environmental research. Environmental systems analysis carries the development of system analytical methods for environmental assessment of various technical systems, use and evaluation of such methods and studies of how they are used.

Technology Management and Economics

Do you want to study a doctoral program that is interdisciplinary and where you as a doctoral student address issues tha...

Energy, Environment and Systems

Do you have an interest in sustainable development? Then you should apply for a doctoral program in Energy, Environment,...

Professional continuing education

The department's researchers and teachers provide various forms of continuing education for professionals and organizations in several different areas, such as courses in production, logistics and Lean, business development Six Sigma/Black Belt, courses in healthcare organization and improvement, and courses in applied life cycle thinking through the Swedish Life Cycle Center.

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Contract education

Employers who want to give their employees an opportunity for skills development can do so by paying for contract educat...