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Health Engineering

Sustainable solutions to major health-related societal challenges, in close collaboration with the healthcare sector.

Chalmers' overarching research areas in Health Engineering

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Infection, diagnostics and drug delivery

Multi-resistant bacteria, pandemics and new variants of viruses pose major global challenges.

Chalmers’ research focuses on the development of improved diagnostics, prevention of resistant bacterial infections, new methods for drug delivery and measures to limit the spread of infection, for example through the design of healthcare facilities.

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Medical engineering

Medical engineering creates the conditions to diagnose and treat patients and enhance the quality of life of patients or users.

Chalmers has an internationally strong research environment in areas such as biomechanics, nerve-controlled prosthetics, vascular surgery, bone-anchored hearing aids and emerging new methods for diagnostics and treatment with microwave technology, magnetic cameras and biosensors.

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Digitalisation and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and digitalisation are new analytical tools used for health and disease research that contribute to more efficient healthcare systems.

Chalmers’ research in this area focuses on the development of these digital technologies that can be applied to research into personalised care and preventive healthcare, image analysis, diagnostics and augmented reality.

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Systems and environments for health and healthcare

Providing sustainable, efficient, patient-centred healthcare requires solutions that take a holistic approach and combine knowledge from many areas.

The research is multidisciplinary and includes technology, architecture, urban planning, organisation and management – in close collaboration with healthcare providers and covering everything from preventive healthcare in everyday life to highly specialised care in hospitals.

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Prevention, lifestyle and ergonomics

Lifestyle-related diseases are a growing public health problem and it is important to reverse this trend.

Chalmers’ research into prevention and health promotion is broad and includes expertise in architecture, product design, ergonomics, work organisation, food science and environmental science.