Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship

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Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship unites education and research through entrepreneurship so we can generate value for society by developing novel and innovative ideas.


The Master's programme Entrepreneurship and Business Design is also known as Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. This is an environment where entrepreneurship is experienced and not only taught in classrooms. Here students work with real venture projects during the education and apply their knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurial ability in real settings. We combine an internationally acknowledged academic education and research with real value-creation in an entrepreneurial environment. Unlike other Chalmers programmes, it’s not only open to engineering students but also to students with backgrounds in business, economics, law, science and design.

The two-year international Master of Science programme develops your entrepreneurial ability through a combination of classroom teaching, simulated business scenarios and the development of real R&D-based innovation projects.

Details about the programme, such as curriculum and how to apply, are available at Chalmers’ Master’s Programmes websites.

Entrepreneurship and business design, MSc

Enter an environment where you’ll receive a true taste of entrepreneurship. You will find yourself actively working with real venture projects, applying your knowledge, insight, and entrepreneurial ability in real-life settings. This master’s programme, also known as the Chalmers school of entrepreneurship, offers an internationally acknowledged academic education with real value-creation and impact in an entrepreneurial setting. The co-creation, action-based design of the programme, involves teamwork as well as autonomy and collective decision-making, preparing you for a sustainable and entrepreneurial career after graduation.​

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