Industrial robot

Industry and production

Sustainable industry through the transition to a circular economy, industrial digitisation and the use of new materials. 

Chalmers' overarching research areas in Production

Industrial robot

Digitalized production systems

The industrial sector is undergoing a process of major development supported by smart digital technology.

The research focuses on solutions for virtual and augmented reality, rapid and agile product and production development, and connected industry. We also conduct research into the service and maintenance of production systems and the industrial workplace of the future.

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Scalable and robust manufacturing processes

The step from idea and innovation to large-scale production is large and challenging.

Robust, scalable and economically viable manufacturing processes are crucial. We conduct research into additive manufacturing, advanced machining technology, new foundry technology, biomaterials, 2D materials, recycling and battery manufacturing.

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Digital product and process development

A sustainable society requires efficient use of resources and products without defects.

To reduce resource use and increase quality, we conduct research into digital twins, machine intelligence through AI/ML, process modelling and real-time data analysis for more efficient processes in industrial manufacturing.

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Production in a circular economy

Reducing the environmental impact of production starts at the conceptual stage and requires the engagement of the entire value chain.

The research therefore focuses on the performance of production systems, the use of new materials, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and product development and business models, taking into account the whole life cycle perspective, including the recycling process.