Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Entrepreneurship and strategy are more important than ever in a world of innovation. Entrepreneurship can be broadly associated with the creation of new value and thus includes activities in and between organizations as well as starting new ventures. Strategies for innovation are crucial not only for established firms or new ventures but also for succeeding with more open and collaborative ways of innovating.

The division of Entrepreneurship and Strategy conducts research in innovation, entrepreneurship, digitalisation, and organisational behaviour.

The division is a supplier of education, especially to the master program EBD (Entrepreneurship and Business Design) at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship as well as MEI (Management and Economics of Innovation).

The division is also engaged in R&D in collaboration with Chalmers Ventures​ and Chalmers co-owned Johanneberg Science Park and Lindholmen Science Park.

Research projects and publications

On Chalmers Research you will find the division's projects and publications.