Research at Technology Management and Economics

The department conducts outstanding research within three broad areas: Innovation & entrepreneurship, Supply chain & operations management, and Sustainability & society studies. The department hosts two research centres and our research is related to most of Chalmers’s Areas of Advance.

In Innovation & entrepreneurship, several scientific disciplines are combined to create an understanding of the interplay between on the one hand science and engineering and on the other hand business and broader industrial and societal change processes. The focus is on conditions, challenges and consequences of innovation and entrepreneurship in established and new companies, different industries, and society at large.

Supply chain & operations management includes research on efficient and sustainable management of materials and information flows within and between companies. Supply chain management focuses on transport and production in supply and distribution networks, and operations management focuses on design, planning and management of resources and processes that develop and produces goods or services.

Sustainability & society studies focuses on the environmental and societal conditions and consequences of technology and technological change. The research includes methods to identify more sustainable technical and organisational solutions to meet current environmental and resource constraints in society’s production and consumption systems. It also includes studies of the role of science and technology in modern society from the point of view of history of science and technology, science and technology studies, philosophy of science, and gender studies.

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Entrepreneurship and Strategy

The division conducts research in innovation, entrepreneurship, digitalisation, and organisational behaviour.

Environmental Systems Analysis

The division perform research on assessment and sociotechnical transition of different technical systems in order to meet the environmental challenges and resource limitations that our society faces.

Innovation and R&D Management

The department's research is mainly focused on the organisation, management and command of innovation and R&D.

Science, Technology and Society

The division focuses on the societal role of science and technology in the modern and contemporary world.

Supply and Operations Management

The division conducts research, education and outreach activities related to logistics, operations management, and industrial marketing and purchasing.

Note: From 1 January 2024, the former division Service Management and Logistics is integrated into the divisions Innovation and R&D Management and Supply and Operations Management.