Science, Technology and Society

The Division of Science, Technology and Society (STS) focuses on the societal role of science and technology in the modern and contemporary world. The research and teaching conducted at the division encompasses a broad spectrum of perspectives.

Among the disciplines and fields represented is history of science and technology, innovation and sustainability studies, environmental humanities, infrastructure and policy studies, science and technology studies as well as gender studies, philosophy and sociology.

Key research areas are the built environment and urban mobility, digital economies and societies, anthropocene politics, gender and higher education, large technological systems, energy history, university history, medical technologies and medical engineering, users of technology and technology-in-use.

STS Seminar Series

The division hosts two seminar series: the history of science and technology seminar series (organized jointly with the history of ideas at Gothenburg University) and the STS seminar series.

Education at STS

The division gives courses in the Bachelor’s programmes Industrial Engineering and Management (I) and Humans, Technology, Society (MTS) as well as Master’s programmes such as Management and Economics of Innovation (MEI) and Quality and Operations Management (QOM), Biotechnology (MPBIO), and the PhD program General and Transferable Skills (GTS).

Research projects and publications

On Chalmers Research you will find the division's projects and publications.