Chen Lab

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Research group leader Yun Chen, senior researcher at the Division of Systems and Synthetic Biology
Leader: Yun Chen, Senior Researcher

Our research efforts focus on accelerating the development of future cell factories through integrated approach combining synthetic biology, systems biology, and evolution engineering. The aim is to develop novel, efficient microbial cell factories that can be used to solve a variety of societal challenges in environment, energy, and health.

Our research is centred on developing synthetic genetic tools for efficient and effective engineering and control of metabolism, but also investigating the fundamentals in cell metabolism such as gene expression and regulation, stress response. In our projects we are working with baker’s yeast as well as non-model yeasts.

Currently our activities are around these lines:

Synthetic biology tools

The development of platform technologies for fast and efficient genome-scale engineering such as CRISPR genome editing tools, biosensors, and genetic circuits, to reprogram and regulate cell metabolism for different biotechnological applications.

Platform strain development

The study of central metabolism and the development of platform strains for the high-level production of value-added chemicals such as alkaloids and flavonoids that can be used as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and flavours, and polymer precursors that can be used to produce renewable materials.

C1 metabolism engineering

We are studying different C1 metabolism and engineering microbial systems to recycle these one-carbon compounds into high-value chemicals, with current topics on CO2 fixation and developing synthetic methylotrophic yeast strains.

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