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Research Group Leader: Professor Ivan Mijakovic
Leader, Prof. Ivan Mijakovic

The work in our lab is driven by scientific curiosity: we seek to understand and describe how biology works. We sometimes also modify and engineer biological systems for various purposes useful to the society.

Ivan Mijakovic
Prof. Ivan Mijakovic - group leader

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There are currently about 30 team members in the Mijakovic lab, working at two sites: Chalmers (Sweden) and DTU (Denmark), and they come from very diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds.

Our lab started out as a microbiology group, but as our ambitions and curiosity grew, we expanded into several other areas of life science, often using interdisciplinary approaches. Today, in addition to general bacteriology, we work with applications of various nanomaterials in biomedicine and biotechnology, metabolic engineering of microbial cell factories and experimental evolution.

Scientific freedom and excellence

The spirit in which we work together as a team is that of scientific freedom. With that freedom come many responsibilities: to strive for scientific excellence, to guarantee the quality and reproducibility of our results, to always be aware of ethical dimensions of our research and to ensure support for our research, which is financed with external funding from public research councils and private foundations.

Collaboration - essential part of our work

Another important aspect of working in the Mijakovic lab is the spirit or collaboration. Since we all come from diverse scientific disciplines, we all have a lot to learn from each other. We all help and support each other - our best work is done when we work together.


Please note that our group does not admit internships/student projects shorter than one semester (5-6 months). Master projects carried out in our laboratory are not remunerated, so international students have to secure their own scholarships.


Please note that our group cannot accommodate such requests. All our PhD/postdoc positions are always advertised at the university vacancies website. If you see a position that suits you, please apply via the official channels. If you don’t see any positions, that means we have none currently.

Group members

Mijakovic lab group photo
Mijakovic lab group photo

Current members of the Mijakovic Lab at Chalmers SysBio:

Dina Petranovic, Guest Professor
Martin Lovmar, Adjunct Professor
Lei Shi, Researcher
Santosh Pandit, Researcher
Shadi Rahimi, Research specialist
Jian Zhang, Post-doc
Zhejian Cao, Post-doc
Golnaz Mobasseri, Post-doc
Mostafa Salehirozveh, Post-doc
Hengzi Ruan, PhD student
Leonarda Acha Alarcon, PhD student
Jose Manuel Outomuro, MSc student

Current Members of the Mijakovic lab at DTU Biosustain:

Carsten Jers, senior researcher
Priyanka Singh, Post-doc
Colleen Manyumwa, Post-doc
Suvasini Balasubramanian, PhD student
Chenxhi Zhang, PhD student
Mukil Madhusudanan, PhD student
Ema Svetlicic, PhD student
Belay Tilahun Tadesse, PhD student
Mohammed Ghalib, PhD student
Anargyros Alexiou, PhD student
Saranya Nallapareddy, PhD student
Peter Gockel, PhD student
Frederik Gleerup Hansson, PhD student
Marcus Deichmann, PhD student
Claudia Capella, visiting PhD student
Ivana Saraga, MSc student
Darko Kjiproski, Project manager

Previous members:

Research Associates/Assistant Professors:
Sandrine Poncet
Yves Pagot
Tao Chen

Xin Chen

Postdoctoral fellows:
Fen Yang
Valentina Cantatore
Aida Kalantari
Hee Jin Hwang
Raghu Mokkapati
Abida Sultan
Abderahmane Derouiche
Mériem Senissar
Abhroop Garg
Vaishnavi Ravikumar
Mohsen Zareian
Avlant Nilsson
Julie Bonne Køhler
Yanyan Chen
Caroline Wasén
Julie Couillaud
Paula Martínez Pérez

PhD students:
Mette Erichsen Hansen
Carsten Jers
Boumediene Soufi
Sujata Vijay Sohoni
Ahasanul Kobir
Abderrahman Deroiuche
Charlotte Cousin
Aida Kalantari
Pedro Aragón Fernández

Visiting PhD students:
Alireza Neissi
Hossein Helalat
Samira Ebrahimi
Amani Belaiba
Pragati Rajendra More

Violeta Djekic
Mohammad Abdellatif

Master students/interns:
Catarina Silva
Carsten Jers
Boumediene Soufi
Elsebeth Oline Sondergaard
Malene Mejer Hansen
Marcin Krzystanek
Katarzyna Warzyzinska
Christina Johnsson
Dafni Paspaliari
Romilda Wangari
Ahasanul Kobir
Ana Boskovic
Lorena Kolar Znika
Paula Dobrinic
Kristina Kovac
Sanja Tunjic
Alessandra Merlo
Anja Tusar
Li Xu
Sophie Antonsson
Mugdha Bapat
Iza Erzar
Nisha Neupane
Victor Lanai
Nihal Kottan
Mohsen Bahmani