Mijakovic Lab

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Research Group Leader: Professor Ivan Mijakovic
Leader, Prof. Ivan Mijakovic

The work in our lab is driven by scientific curiosity: we seek to understand and describe how biology works. We sometimes also modify and engineer biological systems for various purposes useful to the society.

There are currently about 35 team members in the Mijakovic lab, working at two sites: Chalmers (Sweden) and DTU (Denmark), and they come from very diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds.

Our lab started out as a microbiology group, but as our ambitions and curiosity grew, we expanded into several other areas of life science, often using interdisciplinary approaches. Today, in addition to general bacteriology, we work with applications of various nanomaterials in biomedicine and biotechnology, metabolic engineering of microbial cell factories and experimental evolution.

Scientific freedom and excellence

The spirit in which we work together as a team is that of scientific freedom. With that freedom come many responsibilities: to strive for scientific excellence, to guarantee the quality and reproducibility of our results, to always be aware of ethical dimensions of our research and to ensure support for our research, which is financed with external funding from public research councils and private foundations.

Collaboration - essential part of our work

Another important aspect of working in the Mijakovic lab is the spirit or collaboration. Since we all come from diverse scientific disciplines, we all have a lot to learn from each other. We all help and support each other - our best work is done when we work together.

If you want to learn more about our current research activities, please visit our website.  

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